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Wheeze, Clunk! Is Your Inner Dashboard Blinking?

I was driving yesterday, happily minding my own business and practicing my new skill of not texting while behind the wheel. (I’m doing very well, thank you for asking.) Suddenly, some light started blinking. It looked like a genie in an oil canister to me. I am a girl, so I am thinking; I need […] Read more

The Benefits Of Meditation

  There have been several scientific studies that have revealed that mindfulness meditation can actually change the structure of the brain ion a positive way. It is only now that we can more appreciate the positive benefits of meditation, since modern technology is allowing us to delve deep into the recesses of the mind. Details […] Read more

Taking Things Personally – 4 Ways To Stop!

  I work with family — husband, offspring, in-laws and their partners. A while back, I was going through some difficulties. My mother’s terminal cancer, my own health problems, and the start of a new business venture are three that spring to mind. It was a stressful period and looking back, I can see that […] Read more
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Inspirational Thoughts: Do You Forgive Yourself?

Forgiveness Forgiveness…How to Forgive Oneself So often we talk about the importance of forgiveness—letting go of grudges, releasing resentment, and making peace with what others have done to hurt us in the past.  But what about forgiving the person whom we subconsciously blame the most? That person is the one you wake up with and Read more

How to Create and Live Out New Convictions

Traditionally, when we evaluate what direction to take our lives in we do a ‘values assessment’. This is a checklist of what you believe to be important to you. It might come out something like this (in a particular area): Business/Career Serving customers Creating a great product that adds value Paying for my South American […] Read more
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So You Think You Don’t Have Anger Issues

Why Anger Management is for Everyone Photo by: Valena David If you never lash out with aggression, you may consider yourself a person who has absolutely no anger issues and no use for anger management.  You may think that you have your anger completely under control or that you just don’t get angry at all.  […] Read more