Feeling Stuck? 7 Ways To Make More Space in Your Life and Get Moving Again

Has it ever crossed your mind that you have no more room in your life? I mean, for anything – the good, the bad…nothing. Stick a fork in you. You’re done. If you sense that you are absolutely full to the brim with too many worries, stresses, projects, friends, things to do, bills, and more…read […] Read more

Are You Ready For A Really Good Year?

Many people start out the New Year excited and say they are really ready for a better year. They tell their friends that they are ready for better times and they make lots of New Year’s resolutions. The problem is that most people are only excited for the first two weeks of the New Year, […] Read more
positive affirmations

What Most People Don’t Know About Affirmations

Affirmations  rock! Do you agree?  They are among the most well-known self improvement techniques, so I won’t bore you by defining what they are. You know that already. But do you know that everyone uses affirmations every single day?  Moreover, do you know how common it is to unintentionally use affirmations to create a reality […] Read more

7 Obsessions Guaranteed to Improve your Life

“Obsession led me to write. It’s been that way with every book I’ve ever written. I become completely consumed by a theme, by characters, by a desire to meet a challenge.” ~ Anne Rice An obsession is consuming. It often pushes other activities into the background. It compels and fills your thoughts and impassions your […] Read more

Who Do You Think You Aren’t? How To Get Past Limiting Beliefs

By asking yourself this question will allow the freedoms of your mind to speak it’s truth. No running or wearing a mask or acting. We all know who we aren’t. We aren’t the President of the United States or the Prime Minister of Canada. YET. What is it that you tell yourself you could never […] Read more

How and Why to Pick a Spiritual Practice

In this age of technology and materialism, when many wonder what tomorrow will bring, the resurgence of spirituality is a normal phenomenon. For centuries, people have turned to religions or other belief systems for support and understanding. Yet it never resulted in a better world on a global level. An improved personal life perhaps, but Read more