Rejuvenating the Heart of a Success-Oriented Woman

When you’re a hard working woman in today’s culture chances are you give a lot more than you receive, you often put your self-care secondary and you are exhausted. I feel for you as rejuvenating oneself is an ongoing challenge I have been managing for years. When I was in the corporate world during my […] Read more

Mediterranean Diet for the Brain

In ancient Greece they used to say ‘’ Νους υγιής εν σώματι υγιεί’’ while in Rome they used to say ‘’ mens sana in corpore sano’’ both meaning ‘’a healthy mind in a healthy body’’. This was their way of living and we all know that diet means a way of living. These and other […] Read more

Got Mental Exercise? 9 Ways to Stay Sharp

Just as we all need physical exercise, so too we all need mental exercise.  Just as our body becomes flabby from lack of physical exercise, so too our mind becomes “flabby” from lack of mental exercise.  Absent mental exercise, we’re likely to become bored or even depressed.    The good news is that we have many […] Read more

5 Tips to Find the Perfect Career for You

These days job dissatisfaction is one of the most common problems among people. Many people are either dissatisfied with their jobs, hate the tasks they are assigned or  find it boring. Just ask 10 people on a Sunday night how they feel and you will discover that the majority of them are feeling really bad […] Read more

4 Simple Prescriptions to Deal with Loneliness

Nowadays loneliness has become many people’s daily cup of coffee – they sip the bitterness out of it every day. They suffer from what the pure black liquid does to them – it sits people up in the middle of the day, feeling unsettled. Some feel lonely from living many years alone, becoming isolated that […] Read more

How to Navigate Through Life’s Major Transitions

With economic and personal financial worries becoming part of many individuals’ daily lives, dealing with a major life transition can become overwhelming. Whether you have prepared for it, like getting married or having children, or it came unexpectedly, like a sudden illness, job loss or family member death, it is important to prepare Read more