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12 Must Read Life Lessons From Jesus

  Throughout the years I have had many mentors who have influenced my life, both dead and live, in the soul (mind) and body areas of my life, but there is only one who has also significantly impacted me in the spiritual area of my life. In this secular world many people tend to forget […] Read more

The Importance of Drinking Water

  My two-year-old daughter doesn’t balk at all the water I give her to drink. But when I told my 7-year-old son to drink a glass of water, he said, “But I’m not thirsty. Can I have root beer instead?” Suddenly I got a flashback to my early years. There was never a dull moment […] Read more

The 5 Keys to Success

  Someone once said, “The key to happiness is having dreams.  The key to success is making your dreams’ come true.”  Today I want to talk about making your dreams come true.  I want to talk about five keys that will help turn your dreams into reality. Without further adieu…. 5 Must Read Keys to […] Read more
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31 Quotes on Failure and Success

These inspirational quotes on failure and success are a follow up to Wednesday’s post, 7 Ways to Make the Most of Failure.  If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, just follow one of the links above. What I hope you’ll get from this week’s focus on failure and success is a healthy […] Read more

How to Experience Life

  Many of us go through life without truly living it. Jonathan Swift once said; “There are only few who live today, most of us live tomorrow”. I have mostly lived in tomorrow, always looking forward, aiming for my goals. Many times I have let my happiness and well being today slide so that I […] Read more
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7 Ways to Make the Most of Failure

Despite several requests for me to write an article on failure, I haven’t written one in quite some time. It seemed to me that this subject has been discussed so many times that I’d be adding to the overkill.  But I dreamedb of failure last night and woke up to realize something very important. It […] Read more