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Inspiratonal Thoughts: Self Doubt is Out, Self Confidence is In

Self-doubt may have reared its ugly head throughout your life; but you are here right now reading today’s inspirational thoughts. You doubted yourself time and time again, but even you can’t take away your unlimited potential. You’re a survivor.  You’re courageous.  Your life has great purpose.  Will you stop doubting the obvious?  Are Read more

45 Quick & Easy Mood Lifters

  Slipped into the doldrums? Feeling sad and low and lonely? We all feel this way from time to time. Often, all we need is a good distraction to shake us out of the funk. Here are 45 quick and easy mood lifters that you can use right now: 1.Tell a good joke – or […] Read more

Be a Peaceful CFO of your home

  Experts talk about the pros and cons of cash gifts, earned money, dole outs, and allowances. Parents wonder, which is right for their families. We may be missing the bigger picture. How our children get spending money is irrelevant. It’s what they learn about money that matters. When we say we want our children to know […] Read more

The Upside of Failure

  The Dividends of Understanding and Embracing Your Failures No one likes to talk about the dreaded “F” word. No…not that one. The meaning of the word Failure has joined the ranks of words and phrases that traditionally are regarded as lewd or vulgar – to the point that it’s almost taboo to discuss someone’s […] Read more
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Vibrational Frequency and the Law of Allowing: Your Keys to Manifesting

Vibrational frequency—it’s a strange term if you’re not very involved with the details of the Universal Law of Attraction.  But I’ll do my best to show you why it’s something you never want to forget. Like most people, I spent the overwhelming majority of my life doing, doing, doing. Doing whatever I could to buy […] Read more

7 Ways to Be Happier At Work – Today

  Do you enjoy your work? Maybe you do – you have a job which you love, and which you find interesting and fulfilling. Or maybe you don’t – you hate your job but you have to stick with it because you need the money. Chances are you fall somewhere in the middle: you have […] Read more