July 15, 2020 0

Wireless Charging Pad – The Perfect Solution To Deal With Wire Mess

By Mirriam Hawks

You can become exhausted by having to deal with a lot of wire clutter in your workplace or home brought about by the many chargers that you must use. The...

January 21, 2020 Off

Feeling Charitable?

By admin

Many who embark on a course of self improvement see giving money to charity as one of the easy ways of making themselves a better, selfless person. This is infinitely...

July 14, 2020 0

Inspirational Thoughts: Katie’s Gift

By admin

Reflect and Appreciate The muse for today’s inspirational thoughts is Katrina (Katie) Howell. I learned about her family’s desperate search for two living lung lobe donors via their Facebook page...

July 13, 2020 0

Why Efficiency is Overrated – and What to Do About It

By admin

  An awful lot of time-management techniques show an obsession with efficiency. And being efficient – getting tasks done quickly – is certainly important. But efficiency for its own sake...

July 9, 2020 0

How To Silence Your Inner Critic

By admin

  Inner Critic?  Are you there?  I can’t hear you?  Must be a bad connection…  CLICK! I never read movie reviews. Sometimes this means I make mistakes and see things...

July 9, 2020 0

7 Ways to Be Happier At Work – Today

By admin

  Do you enjoy your work? Maybe you do – you have a job which you love, and which you find interesting and fulfilling. Or maybe you don’t – you...

July 8, 2020 0

Visualization: You’re Doing It Wrong

By admin

You’ve got your vision board on the wall. You spend five minutes every morning daydreaming about that huge house you want, that massive paycheck, that flashy car. Unfortunately, you don’t...

July 5, 2020 0

Plan a Mental Health Weekend – 5 Steps to De-stress Your Life

By admin

  Guess what? The use of life-enhancing devices such as cell phones and laptops has not changed the fact that you have too much to accomplish each day. And, with...