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Team Building Events: Can Get A Good Working Environment

By Andrew Taylor

The nucleus of every company is its workforce and the growth of a company depends largely on the way the employees function in an interactive and cohesive way. Breaking departments...

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Feeling Charitable?

By admin

Many who embark on a course of self improvement see giving money to charity as one of the easy ways of making themselves a better, selfless person. This is infinitely...

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Get Over Your Life – It Doesn’t Have to Be Miserable

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Is life slapping you in the face every time you turn around? Don’t stand there and turn the other cheek. You don’t have to be miserable forever. You can change...

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Thank You, Steve

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Every blog I write, read or edit is on my Mac. Even though the word ‘impossible’ was never part of who you were, you will be Impossible to forget. PickTheBrain...

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How to Change Your Thinking by Using Self-Affirmations

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Your mind is an interesting tool and lives in symbiosis with the sensations from your body. It is proven that your emotions can alter your perceptions and actions, but also...

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4 Reasons to Seek Natural Therapy

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One of the first things people are wary of with medical therapy is the side effects of the medications. News headlines abound about lawsuits of drug side effects, so savvy...

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Who Am I? 5 Steps To Reveal Your True Self

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We endlessly discuss and gossip about questions of: What am I? Who am I? What is my self? Layers of Fear hide answers to these questions. They must be lifted...

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5 Ways to Stay Positive Every Day

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What do bestselling self-help authors Maxwell Maltz, Tony Robbins and Rhonda Byrne have in common? Their works, though published decades apart, all promote positive thinking as a fundamental aspect of...