Month: March 2020

March 26, 2020 Off

Businesses And Dojos: Seeing The Similarities

By Amelia S. Mcdougal

I met an accomplished young man whose story inspired me and got me thinking about the tools he had to achieve incredible things. He had perhaps every challenge a child could have by society’s standards, from dyslexia to an alcoholic single mother. Naturally, he took to the streets and stepped into trouble, but circumstances changed when he became involved with a local martial arts center. In mere months, he zipped through several ranks, won competitions, and ended with a scholarship and a good entrepreneurial start in life.

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What Results Into A Successful Restaurant

By Mirriam Hawks

The performance levels of each restaurant differ greatly and we may always find out that it because of different reasons other than food. The fact of the matter is that some people are attracted to a place just because of how it looks and this makes it a point of concern. You must always consider this fact to get customers.

March 25, 2020 Off

Garage Door Repair Essentials

By Rick Jarman

One great advantage of owning a home is being able to have your own garage. One can use a garage as a place for extra storage space not to mention added value to your home. There are different uses of a garage. Some use it to park their cars while others consider it a good place for an extra office. Let us examine so other uses:

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Student Loan Consolidation May Be The Answer

By Pam Nobble

Many students wonder if student loan consolidation is the answer. With multiple loans, many are making monthly payments to different lender. Many have monthly payments that they cannot afford. On top of that, many have variable interest rates, which could cause the payments to change over time. In these situations, consolidating may be the answer.

March 23, 2020 Off

Perfect Goals For Success – How To Create Them

By Yolanda Reyes

Why are these goals important to us? The reason we need these goals is because they guide us to where we want to go. We are basically wandering around in the darkness and hoping that we reach the right place if we don’t have such goals. But, we also use goals as a motivational tool to give us that boost of energy to work towards them.