Author: Donald Rickerby

October 26, 2019 Off

Wooden Sheds – Not Just For Storage Anymore

By Donald Rickerby

Obviously, you can store pretty much any small to medium sized object in a backyard shed. Wooden sheds can be much more that just a small building for storage. Even though they are called “sheds”, they can be used as a guesthouse, pool cabana, workshop, artist studio, playhouse for the kids, etc.

September 13, 2019 Off

Getting A Closet Organizer – The Best Options

By Donald Rickerby

Before you discover that there’s no more room left for any more of your clothes in the closet is when you should be thinking about getting a closet organizer. Organizers were developed to help keep your items organized on shelving and hanging clothes systems that, in turn, utilize your closet space much more efficiently – sometimes doubling the storage space.