Author: Yolanda Reyes

March 23, 2020 Off

Perfect Goals For Success – How To Create Them

By Yolanda Reyes

Why are these goals important to us? The reason we need these goals is because they guide us to where we want to go. We are basically wandering around in the darkness and hoping that we reach the right place if we don’t have such goals. But, we also use goals as a motivational tool to give us that boost of energy to work towards them.

February 19, 2020 Off

Stopping A Third Of Energy Loss From Your Home

By Yolanda Reyes

Most people mistakenly believe that the soil outside does the insulation for them so they don’t insulate their basement walls. From your basement, heat loss can account for over one third of the total heat loss from your home because soil isn’t considered a good insulation.

January 20, 2020 Off

Scrapbooking On A Budget

By Yolanda Reyes

The Internet is a great place to look for free scrapbooking ideas. To help you create your own unique scrapbooks, there are some excellent types that are filled with creative tips and suggestions.

January 18, 2020 Off

5 Tips To Look Out For When Planning Your Event Logistics

By Yolanda Reyes

Planning a successful event is no easy thing, and there are definitely some things you need to keep in mind. First of all you should be aware of anything that can get in the way, so should anything bad happen you can be prepared. You need to feel confident that you will be able to handle any problem that arises.

January 14, 2020 Off

Chore Chart – Make Your Kids Complete Their Chores

By Yolanda Reyes

It can be very frustrating to ask your child over and over again to complete their chores without them ever getting done. Your child not knowing how to organize and prioritize their time could be the result. In order for your child to develop these important skills, implement a chore chart.