Author: Amelia S. Mcdougal

March 26, 2020 0

Businesses And Dojos: Seeing The Similarities

By Amelia S. Mcdougal

I met an accomplished young man whose story inspired me and got me thinking about the tools he had to achieve incredible things. He had perhaps every challenge a child could have by society’s standards, from dyslexia to an alcoholic single mother. Naturally, he took to the streets and stepped into trouble, but circumstances changed when he became involved with a local martial arts center. In mere months, he zipped through several ranks, won competitions, and ended with a scholarship and a good entrepreneurial start in life.

March 6, 2018 Off

How To Defeat Your Introversion

By Amelia S. Mcdougal

Many folks probably deal with some type of unwelcome timidity. From the recluse to the person who speaks of anything and everything but herself. What makes introversion such a semisweet prison? Most of all, how can we, who wish for the ability to express ourselves, conquer shyness?