Balancing a Good Life with Service to Others

If you are regular reader of my newsletter, you know that I dedicate a lot of time to promoting a healthy balance between work and life.  I regularly encourage you to make time for self-care – body, mind and spirit.  But there is more to this illusive thing called “Life Balance” than self-care and self-knowledge. …

5 Key Steps to a Healthy Mind

I have spent many years working on my health and my happiness. I learned early on how my thoughts and my mind can affect every experience I have. Therefore I began researching and learning about the health of my mind and how I could use my mind to benefit my life and my overall happiness….

What are some good ways to gain confidence?

I sometimes lack confidence in school and other times have a lot (rarely). I try to get a good night sleep, but that doesn’t really help. What are good ways to gain confidence?

Build Talent

Talent as we have known all these years is that it is in-born and latent. Talent is aspecial ability that comes with a person right from the time he is born. This might be right for people who are bestowed with immense flair and aptitude for a particular thing. But this is untrue for many…

Are You Taking Productivity Too Far?

Since you’re reading Pick the Brain, I expect that you’ll agree with me when I say that productivity is a good thing. Being productive generally means: You’re living up to your full potential (instead of daydreaming about what might be … and never actually doing it) You’re being proactive rather than reactive, taking control of…

Best Coach For Best Coaching

A kindly Man Once upon a time, there was a kindly man, wanting to buy a chainsaw for his farm, he spent months thinking about it, he knew he wants the chainsaw for his farm, but then the farm did not need a chainsaw however, when he finally made a decision, he bought it. For…