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April 6, 2020 0

Controlling Paper in Your Home

By Sherry Borsheim

Do you wince at the thought of organizing home paperwork? It is easy to let our paperwork slip out of control. We make plans to go through mail, shred old documents, and file other documents. Despite this home our home offices are overflowing with paper. If you are at a loss of where to begin, try reducing the amount of paper you bring in to your home.

April 5, 2020 0

TheSsymptoms of Dementia in Seniors

By Irene Mmari

As we age, we naturally have difficulty remembering things or finding the right words to say although this is quite normal but dementia is not normal. As other functions carried out by the brain are affected, many normal occurrences can become confusing for a person suffering with dementia.

April 3, 2020 0

A Survival Kit is Something Each Home and Vehicle Must Have

By Gretchen Robertvine

A properly prepared survival kit can save your life during a disaster or emergency such as a hurricane, flood, fire, or earthquake. Survival Kits can be found all over the internet or in stores but the truth is that many of these are substandard at best. Even though it is possible to purchase pre-made survival gear off the shelf, you may well find it best to make the personal. No matter which method you select it is essential which you find the right survival kit to fit your needs.