Is Your House Overweight?

Does you house need to shed some pounds? I think if we are honest, all of our houses would be better off if it lost a couple of hundred or maybe even a couple of thousand pounds. Most of us would say that we don’t have enough storage space, when the truth is we have more belongings than we need. Over the years as I have organized homes, I have realized that organizing is very much like weight loss. All of us want a quick fix that will get us where we want to be with as little inconvenience and work as possible. However, we find that these quick fixes continue to fail. We may get somewhere, lose a little weight or tidy up a little, but before long we find ourselves right back where we started.

Spring House Cleaning Checklist

The days are getting longer, the sun is getting stronger and the natural world is looking fresher with every passing day. If you are less than perfect in your daily cleaning routines (like many of us), a Spring cleaning list is the smartest way to get started.

Using A Closet Organizer In The Kid’s Closet

Closet organizers are the best. What’s better than opening your closet up in the morning and seeing your clothes all neat and organized? Well, for starters, your kid’s closet all neat, tidy and organized. After all, they probably need it more than you do. A closet organizer kit can be just the foundation that your child needs to be organized.

Getting A Closet Organizer – The Best Options

Before you discover that there’s no more room left for any more of your clothes in the closet is when you should be thinking about getting a closet organizer. Organizers were developed to help keep your items organized on shelving and hanging clothes systems that, in turn, utilize your closet space much more efficiently – sometimes doubling the storage space.

Woven Boxes And Baskets For Storage

A hand-woven or wicker basket, with its functionality, strength and classic style, offers a perfect storage solution for a wide variety of accessories.