Self Improvement – Why Should You?

Self Improvement – Why Should You?

janvier 17, 2020 Non Par admin

Self Improvement – Why Should You?In a world of self help books, courses, classes and workshops, it can be very easy to just wonder “why should I?”. If your life is going well, everything is as it should be or as close as possible, then it is incredibly easy to ignore the self-improvement juggernaut and dismiss it as something that is quite definitely not for you.

Your sense of self should be looked upon in the way that grand artists view their masterpieces – they never quite know when they’re finished. In the case of your self, how can you ever really know you’re as happy as you possibly could be? There are times in life that everyone experiences that, when they happen, genuinely seem like they’re the happiest they could be – but then something happens years later that blows that prior experience out of the water.

Very few people on this earth can look in the mirror, at both body and soul, and be truly content. Philosophers as far back as Ancient Greece have pondered the concept of happiness, often stating that happiness is subjective. For example, if a man earning $30,000 a year and was given $1,000 as a gift, he’d be delighted. On the opposite side, if a man worth $30 million were given $1,000, they’d probably think it was nice – but it wouldn’t make them as happy as the first man.

What this point is trying to illustrate is that, throughout life, we as human beings change. Once upon a time that man worth $30 million – unless it was an inheritance – would have been as happy with $1,000 as the first man. As his life has gone on, his experiences of happiness and joy have changed – and so do yours. Maybe not to such an extreme extent, but in life you should never stop learning.

Put simply, there is always room for improvement. How can one person ever declare themselves truly “finished”? Is there no aspect of your life – really, genuinely – which could do with a little tweaking? If you can definitely answer no, then congratulations. If, as is more likely, the answer is yes, then self improvement can help you become the person you can be. This doesn’t mean the current version of you is bad, but the future one could be even better.