3 Things An Outlook Alternative Should Provide

by Dominik Sapinski

Have you ever forgotten an important meeting? Or did you arrived at home and – doh! – forgot to get the milk? Then you should think about your own Personal Information Manager (PIM).

3 must have features of a modern PIM: 1. Enable you to easily manage your appointments, emails, contacts, tasks and notes 2. Allow you to work together in a team and share information 3. You should be able to work offline and sync all changed data when you’re online again.

When you still miss one of these options during your daily work, you should consider getting your first or a new PIM. Most users will think about MS Outlook as the first choice. But today there are a lot of alternatives on the market which do the same job for lower costs. The initial high price and the need for an Exchange Server is often a knock out criteria for Outlook. This is what you have to look for, when you’re searching for a new Personal Information Manager:

The most important task a PIM should do, is to manage your data. It needs to organize your appointments, store all your contacts and give you the possibility to create tasks. Look on your monitor. Do you see any Post-Its? Then take them away. A modern PIM should have notes, too. Last but not least, you need an email client to stay connected with all other people outside.

A good PIM should let share you your information. Imagine you need to set up a team meeting. Wouldn’t it be cool, when you can take a look on all others users and check when they all together have time for the meeting? This is what a good PIM should allow you to do. Of course there should be an option to classify items as “private” which only you can see.

If you are on the road frequently or work with several computers you need data synchronization. You have to be able to take your notebook on trips and continue to work. When you’re back in the office you should connect your computer back to the local network and all data should be synced with other users automatically.

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