5 Simple Steps To Get Ridiculously Organized For A Stress-Free Summer

May 1, 2022 Off By Abraham Hamberson

I am so ready for summer. The warm weather. Sun is out well after dinner. And the activities the kids participate in are incredibly enjoyable. But one thing I noticed is that when we are disorganized with things, the summer stops being stress-free. So I am sharing 5 simple steps to get organized for a stress-free summer!

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1. Plan Ahead

The best way to be organized for summer is to make a plan ahead of time. For me, I like taking all the activities the kids want to do and writing them on a giant calendar for the 3 months of summer. This way I can visually see what the kids want to do, when they have activities, and when we have down-time.

I also like to plan out meals. Because when we are swimming at the pool, I don’t want to rush to the grocery store because I forgot about dinner. Instead, plan out meals on Sundays for the entire week.

2. Don’t Over-Schedule

The biggest stress of the summer is over-scheduling yourself. Which is why I like to plan things out, including down-time. I like blocking off weekends so we can do whatever we want, instead of running to a party or gathering.

One thing I like to do is create a list of summer activities we can do. These are just a long list of things that are special to do over the summer. Things like sprinklers, slip and slide, play in the pool, go to the pool, swim at the beach, nature hike at the nature reserve, bike to get ice cream, etc. These activities are things the kids can pick from if they say they are “bored”. It helps stop the feeling that you constantly have to be on the go.

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3. Create A Schedule

Now I know what you may be thinking…how does creating a schedule help you get organized when you said not to over-schedule? But hear me out.

When my kids were toddlers, I created a themed weekly schedule for us. It helped the days not feel as long. Each day was a generic theme, like music day. I picked this day because there were concerts at the park in the afternoon we could choose to go to, or we could just listen to music outside. Since it was general, I had more space to create something that was interesting but still schedule-like.

And it is still something I do every summer. Because when we want to get organized for the summer, the days can start to blend together. To keep it interesting, try creating a summer schedule like the free schedule below.

4. Label Everything

If your kiddos have activities during the week, make sure all their items are labeled. There is nothing worse than realizing you have no more beach towels because your kiddos left them at camp without their name on them.

I love using Name Bubbles on towels, backpacks, water bottles, sunscreen, bug spray, extra clothing, and shoes! Yes, you can stick the shoe Name Bubbles labels inside the shoes! They actually stay!

Name Bubbles has a variety of label packs that you can get as well. I love the camp label pack because it has everything we need for camp items.

labels next to lunch box

5. Keep Essentials Tidy

Another way to get organized for summer is to keep all your essentials together…and easily accessible.

For towels, I love using a large laundry basket and storing all the towels inside the basket near the garage door and back door. This way the kids won’t be running through the house with muddy or grassy feet, in search of a towel.

Another way we keep things organized is by having all the sunscreen and bug spray near the garage door and back door. Because these areas are where the kids run in and out of the house, keeping essentials nearby makes it easy to screen and go!

I also like to keep snacks readily available because kids get hungry quickly over the summer!

tote with rolled beach towels next to back door to demonstrate towel storage ideas #towelstorage

Get Organized For Summer

To get organized for summer, it really is a balance of doing all the things you want to do but not over-scheduling yourself. By creating a general schedule, you can create space and activities when things are not as busy. Label everything for camp, because losing those beach towels or shoes is just not worth it. And have the essentials handy!

Beach towels rolled up in a basket to represent how to get organized for summer #summer

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