A Closet Design Challenge

by Jane A. Moore

I’m in the business of closet design. I have always loved closets and the task of organizing. Some people might liken me to Monica on the tv show ‘Friends’. My business goes one step further than simple organization however, since I do some actual construction when the project requires a total closet redesign. Large walk-in closets are the most exciting to plan, build and decorate, but renovating a tiny reach-in closet can also be very rewarding.

The business of closet design has seen a resurgence over the past few years, so my business has been doing quite well. No complaints from me at least. With the added business, I had thought that I had just about run into any closet design project possible. Although I try to be imaginative and creative with each new job, there are really only so many problems and solutions you will encounter in the business of closets.

As is always the case, just when you feel at your most confident, you run into a design problem that makes you stumble and perhaps doubt your abilities. I, myself, ran into a huge closet design issue that I felt unprepared to handle. I had this experience last weekend in a most unexpected place. Although thoroughly challenged I think I rose to the occasion.

Last weekend my sister had her 20 year university reunion. With my encouragement she decided to make the journey to catch up with old friends. She only decided to make the journey after I promised to move into her house for the weekend to care for my 6 year old nephew. I happily agreed but my nephew was less certain about being away from his mom for a weekend. He finally acquiesced when my sister told him that we could spend the weekend redesigning his closet and that he was to have complete artistic control. It sounded like fun to me.

When I got the house on Friday afternoon, I confirmed with my sister and nephew that the plan was to redesign his closet. Both gave me a big smile and confirmed the plan. As we were saying good bye to my sister, she turned to me and said “Good luck, Ms. Closet Designer”. At the time I didn’t realize how much luck I might need. The chore became clearer when my nephew handed a small stack of dungeon and castle comic books and suggested we think about the closet. Sure enough, after a quick call to my sister on her cell phone, I confirmed that I was to redesign my nephew’s closet into a mini-castle play room.

That is one closet design contract that I will not soon forget. I don’t think I will be contracted to transform another closet into a medieval castle but if I am then I will be ready. Remember a good closet designer can make any closet better,

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