About Bank Checks and The Economy

August 6, 2018 Off By Don Nixon
by Monica Felts

Even when you have things all mapped out, things happen that challenge your lifestyle in ways you might never have imagined. A hard personal check on the time we live in and for the future may be in order.

Some individuals justify purchasing rural retreat property that is “off grid” without utilities or nearby power poles. While that is extreme and requires one to isolate themselves from economic and social intercommunication, it certainly is an option. Then a photovoltaic power system may become a necessity if one is to do without conventional hydrocarbon fuel systems.

When one can answer in the affirmative that their personal check is accepted by those they do business with, basically they have little fundamental financial worry. All the same, if financial institutions break down and commerce becomes dependant on a barter economy, it may be time to get out of Dodge.

All survival whether in the outdoors or the concrete jungle can be split down to a few important parts. You need heat and relief from the cold. Thirst and hunger wants have to be met. Fatigue, boredom and loneliness wants must be addressed. Fear and anxiety preparation as well as a means to deal with pain and injury must also be addressed.

Some believe it’s a good benefit to have a shotgun at the ready for home defense. The barrel of a shotgun somehow looks quite larger to the recipient at the end of the barrel than any rifle.

Mortals can prepare for imaginable events, or at least have an exit tactic just in case. You may want maps and an escape route as well as a destination. Not only for man-made financial collapse, but possible nuclear attack, super-volcanic eruptions, global earthquakes and tidal waves and even asteroid or meteoric collisions.

In the here and now, individuals can borrow and live beyond their means only for a short time. American government has been borrowing and living huge beyond her means, but it will last only for a limited period of time before international financial forces make adjustments for gaming the system.

One basic money saver is healthy sprouts that can be grown easily in the kitchen. Popular are mung beans, lentils and various beans, alfalfa, clover, mesclun seeds, any variety of peas. You get a tasteful green in a few days from a sprout tray. Many find it fun and a good place to begin becoming venturesome.

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