The Best Approach To Review Your Lessons

Seeing students trying to focus their attention to studying their books before an upcoming exam and dozing of while trying to do so is very common. Not many students are able to apply themselves to books with focus because they find it boring.

Do you try to study in the last minute and cram as much as possible with a hope to right well in your exam the next day? Well you are not alone. Many students do the same. Why not improve your study habits? Read through the following methods, they will help you.

The best-proven method is to study that day’s portion covered in the class at home and continue doing this everyday. It takes only a few minutes to half an hour to be able to go through the lesson notes that was covered in the class.

This method of studying when it is fresh in your mind helps you retain the knowledge even if the exam dates are far away. Your understanding of the subject grows and you are able to understand the entire subject and connect it well.

The students are also known to adopt the method of reading a lesson and re reading it 2nd,, third and fourth times after marking important passage from the lesson. This method is very effective.

Just reading textbooks does not help. Sharing and exchanging lecture notes with other students is often very helpful and you will find some points missed out by you.

Creating test papers based on earlier tests and doing them at home will help you prepare very well. If you list down the key points and memorize, try listing them again from your memory and compare. You will know the extend of your studies whether complete or not.

While there are hundreds of techniques like flash cards etc available, you will find that a few of them will suit your temperament perfectly. Pick up these techniques and make it a habit.

In a day you will always find time when you are sitting somewhere waiting for the bus or train and not doing anything. Instead of wasting this time, pick up your notes and start reading. Make it a habit.

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