An Answer For The Age Old Question Of How To Organize Your Life

July 28, 2019 Off By Allen Wright

If you are searching for the perfect solution on how to organize your life the best place to begin is through organizing your environment. If your home is uncluttered and organized you will be a happier person. It is easier to concentrate and focus on the tasks at hand when you are in a clean and organized environment.

The goal is to completely clean only one room a day. If you attempt to organize the entire house in a few short hours you will only lose motivation and be unable to finish any of the rooms. If it helps to make a list, do so, but make it realistic.

Starting with the bedroom is the best place to begin. Most clutter from various parts of the house usually ends up thrown in bedroom closets or floors. Also resting in a clean and organized bedroom the night before tackling another room will keep you motivated to complete the organization tasks at hand.

The first place is the dreaded closet area. Take all clothing items out, sort through each item and determine if you really will wear it again. Box up all items that do not fit or have not been worn in six months or longer. Do the same with the shoes. When placing items back in the closet, put shoes on rack if available and hang the clothes on hangers.

Strip the bed clothes and put in the washer so they will be clean and fresh when you complete the remaining areas of room. Clean under the bed, dust the furniture, clean mirrors and vacuum. When vacuuming also clean the mattress to remove dust. When everything is done in the bedroom, make the bed with clean sheets and move on to the next room.

Get some sleep and do the kitchen the following day. Plan on spending an entire day on just the kitchen. Empty all cupboards and wash them inside and out. Replace only the items that are fresh and unopened. Wash dishes next or load the dishwasher.

When going through dishes throw away or bag up excessive amounts of butter bowls and broken dishes. Put pots and pans all together either in a cupboard or in the drawer under the oven. Unload the dishwasher and put away. Clean the oven inside and out. Remove the burner covers if necessary and allow them to soak while you clean the inside of oven, do not forget to clean the exhaust fan with a safe grease remover. Wipe counters and organize everything on them including washing out canisters. Finish the kitchen with a good sweeping and mopping.

The next day should be spent on all of the bathrooms. Thoroughly scrub the sink, tub and toilet. Clean out the medicine cabinet, drawers and closet by throwing away any old supplies or stuff you tried and did not like. Clean the mirror, dust any pictures, decorative pieces, then sweep and mop.

The last day of your cleaning adventure will be spent in living area. Any newspapers or magazines should be disposed of. Vacuum the cobwebs, the drapes and sofas. Dust everything and clean all glass before vacuuming the floor. If there is wood or tile, mop them well.

The children’s room should be done after all other rooms are completed and the children should be included in cleaning and organizing the room. When all rooms are organized and clean develop a schedule for chores to be done each day. For a reward sell the items you have boxed up or donate them to a charity. Stand back and look at final results, be proud of accomplishing the goal of how to organize your life.

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