An Overview Of Fix-Its For The Plague Of Plastic Windows In London Problem

No one can deny that plastic windows in London are on the increase, they are showing up in place of the original antique wooden sash kind last century, do indeed, have a negative effect on the physical beauty of landmark homes. The situation is sad, it’s true, but at least some of the blame can be placed on an unstable economy’s effect on the wallet.

As in many other situations these days, the economy has its hand deep in this one, causing those who normally wouldn’t choose value over quality to do so in this case. But in this summary, there are also some affordable suggestions offered that may possibly help some people in keeping their antique wooden sash windows where they belong, while still allowing them to remain within their budgets:

Although those who market double glazing definitely have an agenda with their advertisements and news updates on the affordability of the new plastic replacements – the truth is, those wonderful antique sash windows can get very expensive to repair, and many lack the funds these days to have it done.

But the owners of landmark homes are taking the manufacturer’s advice, and opting to install the plastic – despite the other camps arguments that in the long run, it’s more cost-effective to repair the wooden ones. It seems many people these days, however, would rather put out pennies first, and worry about coming up with quarters later.

In addition, environmental committees are extolling the virtues of double glazing in stopping carbon emission leaks from inside heat that can get through openings between the frames and wall, and further pollute the air.

So from their end, historical landmark groups are suggesting some alternatives that are less expensive, and act just like double glazing in retaining what needs to be retained, and allow the owner to keep their wooden sash windows at the same time. The first suggestion is the use of draught stripping on the window frames to make a seal against air seepage. For those who will inevitably complain about the prices still being too high, there are also extremely cheap sealants like rubber and silicone that work quite well.

Putting shutters over the windows, or even draping them with heavy curtains, works quite well as long as the owner remembers to keep the windows shut. And for those who insist on it, there’s even a secondary glazing that is cost-effective, has the same benefits of the double glazing, and also works in harmony with the antique wooden frames.

So while there are two different sides to the plague of plastic windows in London saga that continues on, and each side disagrees with the other – it’s most likely that the one point on which they do concur, is the importance of finding a solution that is low-cost, harmless to the environment, AND allows the beautiful Victorian buildings to keep their antique wooden sash windows.

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