Are Prospective Employers Respecting Online Bachelor Degree Programs?

December 3, 2020 Off By John B Maxted
by J.B. Maxted

The biggest concern that many perspective online students have is that their online diploma won’t be accepted as legitimate or equal by a future employer. How are these future businesses going to view an online bachelor degree when put side by side with one from a conventional college?

During the last ten years or so and specifically the last few years, employers have transformed their traditional standpoint on online bachelors degrees and now take a far more positive view than they had before.

It wasn’t that long ago that many employers felt that online bachelors degrees were not worth too much at all. This is somewhat because online learning was the latest rising system, and moreover because there weren’t a lot of genuine and established colleges offering accredited online bachelor degree programs. But as an increasing number of institutions have started offering online education, more employers are realizing that the degrees are genuine. This is going a long way to changing what employers think of online educations.

Today, online bachelors degrees do not have near the stigma that they held not all that long ago. You still may find a skeptical employer, which is why it is extremely important to stress the quality of your higher education on your resume. Make sure you list the degree you completed, the name of the school you received it from, your GPA and the major coursework or projects you completed.

You may also want to further explain your personal situation during an interview. Speak about how tough it was to complete the course in an online environment, how testing the subjects were, why you wanted to do an online bachelors degree program and keep expanding on that.

You also need to ensure that the online degree program you take is fully accredited. This is an added worry that has been erased in the last few years, as there are now a large number of selections available for legitimate online degree programs.

Certain employers actually see online degrees as possessing extra value than their traditional counterparts. One reason for this is the use of, accommodation and mastery of emerging technologies that are essential to businesses. Firms are becoming more dependent on online technologies such as webinars and video conferencing, and therefore an online student’s knowledge in these fields could prove to be extremely beneficial. Being able to display how much direct experience you have with recent technologies such as these can give you an edge over other applicants.

Additionally, as time has passed, it has become known that online bachelor degrees demand a significant amount of time, effort and commitment to complete. Completing an online degree course demonstrates that you are a determined individual that can succeed independently. Employers also realize that you probably completed your degree while managing other responsibilities like a career, kids or both. Consequently, you will establish your worth to your potential employer by illustrating how you successfully managed all of these tasks. Employers want individuals who can manage lots of testing responsibilities at the same time and come out successful and unscathed.

Today, online bachelor degrees are no longer thought of as less significant or substandard. In truth, employers are starting to recognize them as equal and at times superior programs. This movement increases each passing day as more and more employers themselves have actually pursued an online degree to advance their own careers. Be prepared to justify your online degree along with the online education process which will give you the opportunity to demonstrate the skills you acquired and utilized while you were learning.

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