Are Prospective Employers Respecting Online Educations?

December 6, 2020 Off By John B Maxted
by John Maxted

One of the largest issues that individuals hold relating to online learning is how employers are going to respond to it. Will they think that it’s lesser than a conventional education, or will they accept it as the same or perhaps even think an online education is superior?

During the last ten years or so and in particular the last few years, employers have transformed their established point of view on online degrees and now take a much more favorable view than they have in years gone by.

Not that long ago, online bachelors degrees were undoubtedly frowned upon, and at times discriminated against when it came to employment. This type of thing occurs when any new area appears and people are unfamiliar with it. Moreover, as online programs began to emerge there was just a couple of mainstream well known schools that were offering them. In the last five to ten years, dozens upon dozens of the top universities have added online bachelor degree programs to their courses, helping to increase legitimacy to the process as a whole and as a result, is changing just how employers view online degrees.

Therefore online bachelors degrees do not have the substandard reputation they formerly held. Sure, there might still be a skeptical person here or there, as there is with anything else. It’s for this reason its so important to take the time to emphasize the quality of the online program and education on your resume. Make sure you list the full name of the degree, the name of the school, and describe the subjects and major assignments you did while completing your degree.

You should also further explain your personal situation during an interview. Have a discussion about how challenging it was to complete the course in an online setting, how testing the classes were, why you preferred to pursue an online program and more.

It is also of the utmost importance that you register with a fully accredited online program that is going to permit you to get a valuable degree. With the increasing number of established colleges offering online programs nowadays, this shouldn’t be difficult.

The latest trend is that the majority of employers now see online degrees as in fact being more meaningful than a traditional education. The cheif reason for this change in perception is because it proves you hold an intimate understanding of new and emerging technologies. Webinars, video conferencing, online presentations and numerous other tools have become imperative to businesses, so being able to draw attention to your understanding and experience of these is important. A student who has completed an online degree will come out of their program with far more hands on experience in these areas.

online diplomas necessitate a significant amount of self reliant drive, commitment and good old fashioned effort. As we move further into the future, more and more employers are appreciating this and seeing it as a strength. A person that can effectively steer themselves through an online degree program while managing all of the other responsibilities in their life such as their current employment, children or both, will to take on any kind of job or duty at the workplace. This is another area that an online student in fact has an advantage when compared to the student who probably had a simpler course.

Clearly the way that online degrees are seen today has shifted a huge amount even from just a couple of years ago. Finished are the stigmas and skeptical employers, replaced by accepted advantages and strengths. Always be sure to defend your degree and your program, as well as your choices, to help satisfy the doubts and fears of any potential employer.

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