Arrangements For Our Summer Wardrobe

July 6, 2020 Off By Jack Wogan

The joy summer brings most of us is unimaginable but when we stop and think about all the changes we will have to make in our closet things just don’t seem so easy anymore. The size of the closet is in some cases irrelevant because when it comes to shifting all the clothes around women tend to get into trouble. Therefore, here is some advice that you might find helpful.

Both men and women will have to go through their clothes at least two times a year. This is when we usually decide what we want to keep and what we want to giveaway. When you see that there are many things that you no longer use or you no longer need, then you can simply: call a friend and ask if she want anything from the pile, donate them all to charity or simply organize a yard sale and make some money to invest in something new.

Make sure that you invest in the proper boxes and plastic containers in order to store your clothes in the best conditions. Also, you should make sure that you wash them before folding them and putting them away. When you manage to do this beforehand you can be sure that when the autumn comes you won’t need to take all your clothes to the cleaners.

A very good way of maintain the freshness of your clothes and make sure that they are pest free is to put some rosemary, lavender or cedar between them. Moth balls are great but the smell is awful and you will have to wash your clothes several times until you can remove it. For you Dresses and other clothing items that cannot be folded you should opt for special hangers and plastic covers. This way you can make sure that they will be safe during summer. Boxes and plastic containers are the best things that you should invest in. You can store your shoes in boxes also, just remember to wash them and polish them first.

There are four words that should describe your storage area: dry, cool, dark and clean. Before you put your boxes in there you should make sure that you clean the place properly. Any dirty, humidity and inappropriate storage place will actually be in the detriment of your clothes as you will have to replace them or take them to the cleaners. When you take the time to reorganize you will see that you will have more space and that your closet will be cluster free.

Wearing summer Dresses is by far the best choice for any girl that respects herself.