Astral Travelling – Start Your First Astral Voyage In 4 Weeks

October 19, 2019 Off By Mara Miller

So you would like to astral travel, but you have no idea how to get started? Find below a step by step training plan on how to start an astral voyage in 4 weeks.

1st Week: Practicing Relaxation 1. Deep Breathing Relaxation: Start your week by practicing a slow and deep breath. For every second you take in with your breath, double its seconds as it goes out. As an example, for every 2 seconds you inhale, you need to exhale for 4 seconds. 2. Relax Your Muscles: You can do this in any position you feel most comfortable, e.g. standing or lying down. To relax all of your major muscles in the body tighten and release your muscles. Start with your toes and slowly work your way up. 3. Mind Relaxation: Intentionally decrease the thought that comes to your mind after walking a few steps.

2nd Week: Chakra Activation After completing your first week, start your 2nd week in astral voyage by warming your body up using your first week’s relaxation exercises (breathing, muscle tension, and mind clearing). Then proceed in working through all of your chakras by imagining them moving around you. It takes generally two to three days to feel your activated chakra.

You Astral Voyage Vehicle – Week 3 Start your third week by relaxing and energizing all of your 7 chakras. Visualize them as an astral matter that leaves your chest forming a circle-like shell. In the first days of practicing you are only imagining this. But after some days you can expect to see results. You will have learned how to exteriorize this astral matter from within your thoughts.

4th Week: Astral Entry Congratulations! This is your final week and final step. You are ready to start your first astral voyage. Find your balance of consciousness (you can optionally imagine the top of your head). Intensify your consciousness. Continue doing this until you have reached a distinct presence. Concentrate in your consciousness, gliding the air swiftly towards a figure. Now deliberately turn this figure around. Remember, your perspective as it shifts is the most important part of this transfer.

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