Basic Things A New College Student Will Find Handy In The Dorm

Going to college and leaving home can be exciting and at the same time scary for a lot of teens. Their newfound freedom from the restrictions of home is thrilling and yet with the independence comes the knowledge that they will not be able to run to their parents like they used since they now live far away.

Along with the freedom of living away from the parents comes the responsibility of having to take care of their own laundry, food, or even medications that their parents used to do be responsible for.

Mostly you will be living in a dormitory or in a boarding house which is totally different from home. So when starting packing your things , you have to be smart and if possible, list down the things you will need most so that everything will be complete. Remember that there is not so much space in the dorm or boarding, bring only what are needed.

In order to make sure the dorm room stays clean and organized, students can use stackable organizers or boxes for additional storage. Here they can keep their things that won’t fit into their storage cabinets. Things like toiletries and shoes can be hung from the wall using hanging storage.

A desk lamp is another important gadget for studying. Mostly in dormitories or boarding house, you are more than one in a room. So to avoid discomfort and probably trouble with your roommates better to have one study lamp so that you can still study while others are sleeping.

The toilet and shower room usually in dorms/boarding houses is open for everybody. And because you cannot just stuck your things inside, so you have bring organizers with handle to put your toiletries every time you go to the bathroom.

Bring toiletries and medicines for your own use. At home you might have grown used to using the ones your parents bought for you, but in the dormitory, you will have to secure your own. Since campuses are located far from the cities, it is important that you stack some medicines for your common sickness such as fever, headache, stomach ache, anti-acidity and anti-asthma.

Finally, do stock up on easy to prepare foods such as crackers, nuts, bread and condiments, or even ramen noodles. Unlike home, you won’t be able to eat anything you want when you want. Meals are served at the cafeteria only during meal hours so keep food close at hand. You don’t want to starve while you study late at night for an important exam.

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