Be Alert On The Steps To Do In Case Of A Fire Outbreak

January 11, 2019 Off By Mirriam Hawks

Other disasters can be prevented such as fire, with careful precautions, fire can be averted but none is more dangerous than flash floods all because you are not able to predict when it will happen and where it will happen. A lot of people have fallen victim to flash flood that rose up high above the roof. Here are some of the rules to follow for you to be prepared when floods happen.

Find out how often your place gets flooded when the rainwater reaches critical levels. If your places get flooded often, then you might have to contemplate moving from your neighborhood and seek a higher ground that you can handle. This might not be a bad idea to take care of sooner rather than later.

Each and every city has their own warning system that tells its residents that an incoming disaster is about to happen. You need to know how to protocol works and what you can do when it happens. Inform your family about what you have learned too.

Be sure to have saved food and water so that you will have a supply when disaster strikes. Always keep a number of food that will keep you nourished for several days as floods tend to run for several days unlike fire or other natural disasters.

When floods do happen, always be aware of the water levels. If they are rapidly rising than what you have expected, get help as quickly as possible or bring your family to higher ground or to the roof. You can also pull out your family fishing boat or an emergency boat to get you to safety.

During floods, be aware of water-covered roads. Do not cross streams or rivers where water is just above the knee and risk putting yourself in danger. Water levels might elevate in a matter of minutes while you are struggling to cross such bodies of water.

After the flood, do not re-enter your shelter using lanterns and torches as volatile materials might be inside and it might cause unnecessary dangers for you. Be cautious in using flammable materials.

Once the flood is over, make sure that you check everything inside your home and see if it is still intact the way it is supposed to be. Do not eat raw food or wait until they have been checked for contamination. Continue drinking boiled water.

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