Catching Up with Org Junkie #18 ~ September 2021 Favorites

October 12, 2021 Off By Abraham Hamberson

Welcome to my September 2021 Favorites!

Hey friends! Someone tell me where September went? It just seems to have flown by. My son’s volleyball has taken over my life and I’m loving every minute of it. It makes me so happy even if so much of my time is in the car driving. But it just feels so good to have a little normalcy back in our lives. It’s been so long! I’m also happy to be back today sharing with you some of my favorites from September even if I am a few days late posting it. I’ve missed you! I hope you enjoy this little peek into what’s been going on in my life lately and what I am currently loving on.


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Currently EATING:

In September I found a new delicious snack to eat. When you follow a limited diet it’s always exciting to find a new food. I think that’s why I love grocery shopping so much, the thrill of the hunt is so fun, ha! These Everything Bagel Cashews are yummy! I purchased them from IGA, my local grocery store here in Canada.

Everything Bagel Cashews

Now I want to tell you about something that although I clearly can’t eat it, my middle son with all the food allergies sure can. And he LOVES them! These Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen are gluten, dairy and nut free and such a great treat if you or your kids have food allergies. Although my youngest son who has no food allergies loved them too so there’s that :).

Non-Dairy Dilly Bar

Currently Reading:

I read three books in September, yay go me! But unfortunately only one of them was worth mentioning here. I only like to share books that I rate at least a four or five. This one called The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth, I rated four out of five stars. It’s about two very different sisters and the secrets they share. It held my attention which isn’t easy to do since I have such a short attention span!

The Good Sister Book

I’m also reading this new Organizing Your Home magazine that I picked up from Walmart last month. I always say I’m not going to buy another one of these and then I see a new one in the store and just can’t help myself. All that organizing eye candy is just really really hard for me to pass up!

The Essential Guide to Organizing Your Home magazine


Okay who else has watched Lula Rich on Amazon Prime? It’s a 4 part series and I was so fascinated by it. I couldn’t stop watching. It’s basically all about the rise and fall of the company Lularoe. The husband and wife team just seemed so clueless (or perhaps were really good actors!) with what was happening in their own company and how little disregard they seemed to have for those working under them. It was very sad to hear from the many women who lost a lot of money to this company. And yet as far as I can tell, Lularoe is still very much in business.

Lula Rich

Currently Loving:

As always, every month I like to share with you three or four things that I’m currently loving on. And today we are going to start with fall! I love fall and all the beautiful colors that come with it. The only thing not to love about fall is that it leads into winter, boo! We did family photos in September with the colorful leaves all around. I don’t have those pictures back from the photographer yet but my son snapped this shot of me in our backyard after we got home. I think my expression on my face says it all. And also we can’t forget to talk about the most perfect fall dress. It’s from Grace and Lace, one of my very favorite clothing brands. The colors in the dress are just so pretty.

pretty fall leaves

Next up is my USB Candle Lighter. The fact that it’s USB rechargeable is so awesome! I’ve always used one of those long “clicker” lighters with the fuel inside and I seriously could never get them to work. Such a pain! I’m happy to report that this one is not a pain. It’s easy to use on the first try without having to click it a million times. Please tell me that wasn’t just me? Highly recommend this one!

USB rechargeable electric candle lighter

electric candle lighter

Thirdly is this cute little silicone pig for your kitchen. Why would you want a cute little silicone pig in your kitchen you ask? Why for your bacon grease of course! This solves an annoying problem we had of what to do with the grease after cooking bacon. This little piggy comes with a little strainer and holds the grease for you. Which is also kind of nice to have when you want to add a little dollop to your future cooking….mmmmm…..bacon…..yummy :). When it gets full (and has hardened) I just throw it out. So smart I tell ya!

bacon grease little piggy


Well the other day I was in my kitchen and couldn’t find something so what does that tell you? Tells me that I really need to go through each cupboard and cabinet and weed out the stuff I’m not using. Regular decluttering and organizing is so important for your sanity and peace of mind. It’s so frustrating when you can’t find what you need when you need it. What area of the house do you need to tackle the most right now?

Also I mentioned above that the candle lighter came with a USB charger. It makes me so happy to have the most PERFECT system in place for storing those types of cables and chargers. Isn’t my bin just lovely? Read more about my system HERE. Still in love with my gorgeous wallpaper too!

gorgeous wallpaper ~ organized cables and chargers

Currently Purging:

Here are the two different loads I took to our local thrift store last month. It’s all mostly clothes. Top picture is my stuff and the bottom photo is stuff from my youngest son’s closet because that kid never stops growing. But at least now he’s not rooting around his piles trying to find something that fits. Now everything in his closet actually fits him which is a huge time saver!

September Purge Pile

September Purge Pile

What have you been purging this past month?

My Amazon Store:

If anyone is wondering about organizing products and wanting to see more of my favorites, you’ll be happy to know that I’ve got them all together in one place. Check them all out right HERE in my Amazon shop. So many glorious things! And I’ve added quite a few new items this past month.

Amazon shop

Current Sponsor:

Finally I want to thank Smead Manufacturing Company for being a long-standing sponsor of my site. Smead is a woman-owned company well-known for its high quality, environmentally responsible products and innovative organizational systems. For more than a century, Smead has been committed to one purpose: Keeping You Organized.


If you are working from home right now, you will find their round up of 20 home office organization ideas that will keep you organized in style super helpful. I especially think the Stadium File is brilliant! You can find Smead on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest as well as on their awesome Podcast and YouTube channel!

I hope you enjoyed taking this peek into my life and my September 2021 favorites. Tell me something that you are currently loving in your life. And if you’ve got any questions, let me know.

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