Checklist And Tips For Spring Cleaning

May 19, 2020 0 By Alfred Renteria

When it comes to spring cleaning there are a few useful things to remember to make the process less painful. It may seem like a chore but you’ll generally feel better once it’s done and it’ll give you a feeling of well being. It will also help you to appreciate your space more.

Don;t allow yourself to get side tracked. Don;t be a big picture thinker. Focus on a room at a time to take a more strategic and efficient approach.

First rid yourself of unwanted clutter. Clothes that haven’t been worn for a long time can be donated to charity shops or given away if appropriate. Focus on keeping only what you actually use and you’ll clear wardrobes and drawers in no time.

Use free facilities to get rid of unwanted items from baby clothes to furniture. Log onto the internet to access a recycling community in your area that will ensure reusable items will go to a home where they’ll be appreciated.

When this chore has been dealt with real cleaning can commence. Start with s room you think will need lots of attention. The kitchen is most likely to have the most damage due to steam and grease that has built up. Make sure all store cupboards are emptied with the content transferred to boxes. You will want to have a fair assortment of items that degrease as well as soaps. Lemon and vinegar are also natural agents that help to cut through accumulated grease. If working as part of a team carefully give people duties based on what they’re best at.

Think of the layout of rooms before getting ground to bedrooms and living rooms. The furniture and every day items in these rooms needs first to be taken out so that dusting and vacuuming can take place. When this has been done the items can be put back and you’ll know it’s been cleaned the right way.

Mildew can affect rooms like the bathroom and using a chemical spray you can overcome this. Try investing in a dehumidifier to prevent a recurrence and air the room out for a while after it’s clean.

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