Choose the Right Type of Lab Tables

September 4, 2019 Off By Mike Triche

Choosing a lab table plays an important role in organizing the work area in your laboratory. Many styles of lab benches and workspaces are available to choose from. Some lab tables are simple flat work tables, but others feature drawers, cabinets, monitor stands, shelves and seating areas with pull out keyboard trays.

Consider the primary purpose of your lab benches when you are choosing your workspace. Will your lab tables need to include specific features such as chemical-resistant surfaces, laboratory-grade sinks, faucets, or storage areas above or below the surface of the tables? What type of work will you be doing on the lab tables you need? If lab glassware is required for the work that will be done, you will want your lab tables to include integrated laboratory drying racks or pegboards.

Lab tables offer four types of surfaces from which you can choose. The first type of surface is made of epoxy resin. Other lab bench surfaces are made of phenolic resin, stainless steel, or a chemical-resistant laminate. Make sure you choose the type of lab table top that best suits your type of work.

When it comes to storage options, each variety of laboratory workspaces have something different to offer. Offering both above and below storage options in the form of cabinets allows you to store those vital lab bench supplies in an easy to find location. File drawers can provide a great place to store your paperwork or other supplies.

An adjustable lab bench unit is important when different people or shifts will be using the same workspace. You can ensure that each person will be able to adjust the height of the lab table to the optimal working height for that person by choosing lab tables that adjust automatically or adjust by using a hand crank.

Sometimes, depending on the type of work you do in your laboratory, it is important to have your work surfaces designed just for your specific use. Custom fabrication of your worksurface is great for lab trash disposal, grommets and integrating important lab instrumentation. Being able to order a lab bench custom designed around your specialty equipment can be an important factor when choosing lab work areas.

Custom colors are also available for your lab bench surfaces. This can definitely help add some personality and some flair to your office or laboratory. Adding some color to an otherwise sterile environment can help build morale.

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