Choosing The Best Wooden Sheds

July 20, 2019 Off By Dan Reynolds

Although wooden sheds are mainly used for storing items such as gardening tools or woodworking tools, there are quite a few uses you can make a shed for. Some of the more common ones are for gardening, playhouses for the kids and pool cabanas.

There are many advantages to using wood as opposed to other materials such as plastic or metal. Wood has a natural comforting feeling you can’t get from plastic (or even metal). And, an added benefit is that wood has a better insulating value over other materials that helps protect you and the items you store in it during the winter.

Size is one of the first things you should think about when you are considering a wooden shed. Knowing what you are going to put in it will help you make this determination. Leave a little extra room to grow for some more items you may not even be thinking about now. Just don’t use the extra room to store junk you will probably never use in the future.

Also, when you are planning your shed, think about the height you will need as well. You may want to add shelves higher up or put items in the rafters for less frequently used items.

You can make a shed with multiple rooms. This kind of shed is perfect for playhouses, pool cabanas, and especially for a guesthouse or mini-retreat. If you plan on using your shed strictly for storage, a multiple room shed is not necessary.

Next, another important consideration is your shed’s floor type. Many wooden shed kit manufacturers have an optional wood floor that is built on a frame. The frame or “skid” allows the shed to be moved quite easily to other locations by sliding it.

Just like a house, you can pour a concrete slab for your shed. This is a much more permanent option, of course. Once you are finished with your shed, you have the option of staining the concrete, covering it with a flooring product such as carpet, painting it or leaving it bare.

The design options available to you range in the thousands. The best part is, they come in various sizes. But for a fully customized wooden shed, you will need to start with a high quality set of plans. Allow at least one weekend and in no time, you’ll have yourself a new shed to be proud of in your backyard.

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