Closet and Storage Design

by Susan M. Adams

Have you ever thought about how much storage space you really need in your next new house? It’s understandable that it’s not the first thing on your mind when you are figuring floor plans and where the home entertainment center should go. But designing your closet storage in your new home should be almost as important as any other area.

Let me help you with some inventive ideas for realizing how important your closet storage design really is. A properly designed system for keeping your things organized and easily accessible is the key to a happy home.

These days, closet design has become a significant industry. There are numerous companies that have developed specialized storage systems for your closets. There are closet design consultants that will come to your home to provide help and advise on getting more out of your closet. Having a properly arranged closet keeps the clutter out of your living spaces and allows you to better organize your life.

So when it comes time to design your total storage space, you need to figure out if you will have a lot of smaller closets, or a few small closets and also splurge on a dream en suite walk-in closet. Keep in mind the ratio of storage space to living space. You probably shouldn’t design your house with a walk-in off every bedroom, but if you allocate your storage space properly, then you will be able to strike a good balance in your house.

If you decide that a walk-in is not required or not in the budget, then you will want to make sure that the reach in closet is actually big enough for the purpose you have set out. In addition an important consideration is the size of the closet opening. Having a large reach in closet with a small door often ends up in creating hard to reach unusable space.

Regardless of the size of your closet you will want to make certain that there is enough light in the closet. This may require adding a light fixture inside of the closet. An extra deep closet or a walk in closet will most definitely need it’s own light source. Make sure the light source is not blocked by your body as you look into or reach into the closet.

The final thing to consider when designing your closets for your new home is the closet infrastructure, What types of shelving, hooks, hanging rods or storage compartments will you need? There are many prefab storage systems that are available on the market these days, do your research and think about what the contents of the closet might be. With a little luck you should be able to find a reasonably priced system that fits your closet perfectly.

Once you have designed the final amount of storage space that you new house will require, you will be pleased with how easy it will be to keep your things organized in your new house. The little extra time in making sure you have the right amount of storage space will be well worth it.

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