Closet Organization Ideas: An Easy How To

November 19, 2019 Off By Steven Swihart

How frustrated do you get by the condition of your closet? Is all the stuff in your closet just jammed packed in there? Have you tried to get one thing out but have had to take half of it out to get what you need?

Like I said before closet organization ideas are many and you can try combining several to meets your needs. You can buy closet organizer kits, pre built units, or some plastic bins you have laying around.

Closet organization ideas can come from many different places. Use several to get the right solution for you. Shelving, plastic bins, prebuilt closet organizers, etc. can all play a role in your closet clean up.

The first step

Open up your closet and look at all the clothes you have in there. Now think really hard. Do you really need all those clothes in there? How long has it been since you have worn some of that stuff? Get rid of what you don’t need or don’t wear anymore.

Step two

Look at all the stuff on the single shelves in your closet. What is up there that you do not need anymore? It has probably become a storage area for junk. Get rid of it. Now put shelves on that shelf. you can make your own or buy something at the store that will take care of this. By adding more shelves, you now have more places to store stuff.

You can probably already see some progress with just these simple closet organization ideas.

Third step

Do you have a lot of seasonal clothes in there? You wont wear these for several months and they are simply taking up space. Remove them and store them in plastic bins or bags in either the basement, attic or under your bed. You cant imagine the room that is freed up in most closets by doing this one thing. As far as closet organization ideas go this is a big one. You can simply swap out seasonal clothes with each season.

Number four

Ok ladies, how many pair of shoes do you have piled up in the bottom of your closet? I’m willing to bet more than a few. Save the frustration of having to dig through all of these when you are getting ready by purchasing a simple shoe organizer that hangs on the wall in your closet. This way you can see what you have with one glance.

Step Five

Purses anyone? Do you have so many that they are cluttering up you closet space? Then you need closet organization ideas such as a closet purse organizer. Make your own or get an inexpensive purse organizer and you will be glad you did.

You can find or read about closet organization ideas in many places. Whatever you decide to do, just start. Having more closet space is a wonderful thing.

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