Closet Organizer Planning

June 8, 2018 Off By Matt Allan
by Matt Allan

Every house has closets, in one form or another. Most are built-in, although some are free-standing if there were no built-in closets if it is an older home. In order to make your closets as functional as possible, many of you think about getting a closet organizer to store your belongings. This is a great idea, since a closet organizer can help you efficiently store more items in less space, but more importantly they give you the ability to keep things organized.

So now that you’ve decided that you actually need some sort of organizer in your closet, how do you go about planning for it? You need to make sure that when you’ve finished the storage makeover you have an effective system for organizing and storing your belongings. In order to acomplish this, you need to think about a few different points:

Closet Purpose – figuring out the purpose of the closet will help you decide what sort of closet organizer you need to look for. If you are storing a lot of similar, larger items, (linens) you can get away with larger compartments, whereas storing lots of small things of all different types (office supplies) requires more and smaller compartments and drawers etc.

How Big the Closet is – we are not all blessed with super size walk-in closets in every bedroom, and conveniently sized pantrys just off the dining room. Yes, sometimes we have to compromise. Just make sure that you design your closet with an appopriate amount of free space that you can easily get to items, as well as put them into and remove them from your storage space. Spaces which store seasonal items can usually get away with a little less breathing room, whereas closets that are used daily should have plenty of room so things don’t start piling on top of each other.

Expense – determine how much you want to spend before you do any shopping. You might want to do some forward thinking and total up all the closets that you might be redesigning in the near future as well so that you are more realistic about this item. Sometimes it makes sense to skimp, especially if you are not all that permanent in your current home, but others may be lucky enough to splurge on a custom built in showroom closet organizer.

Design – this is the point that combines all the previous points. Once you’ve answered all the previous questions, you will be much closer to deciding what the actual design of your closet is going to be. You still must figure out the material, color, and style though, so looking through some magazines devoted to storage solutions might be a good idea before you come to a final decision.

So now that you have an idea of what you should be thinking about before starting on a closet organizer project, I’m sure you will be a little less lost when it comes time to make a decision about the final design. Perhaps you’ll even feel brave enough to venture out to the building stores and try to pick up a modular system that once assembled looks like a much more expensive custom designed model. All the best in your closet organizer adventures.

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