Closet Organizers – Neat is Sweet!

September 4, 2020 Off By Henry Saleton,
by Phillip J. Lameson,

Trying to leave the house and being stressed out is no way to start a day. Here are some things I’ve found to help me get organized.

We ALL have things in our Closets that either don’t fit are out of style or have NEVER been worn. Very few of us want to give up those prized possessions; we think one day we’ll wear them again! We think of how much we love the outfit – and how much it cost!

Rule #1 Newsflash…So, you think that the ultra short mini skirt will be back in style soon. Will it really be right for you wear again? If you’re a man – probably not – who knows? I digress, there are many less fortunate who could really use whats in your closet and does not fit or is out of style. Giving to Charity is a great feeling!

Did you know that becoming organized is like a new addiction? Once you get started it changes the way you live.. Things fall into place, you find things when you need them. Imagine waking up late and walking into your Custom Closet Organizer – and finding everything Quickly – and leaving the house Stress Free… What a concept. When there is a place for everything, somehow everything is more likely to get returned into that space!

Wow what a feeling. Have you seen the movies where he actor goes into a room that they call a “custom closet organizer” Everything is totally organized, suits in one spot, shirts in another, shoes to the ceiling (you need a ladder just to get the brown shoes) Jewelry Tray Drawer, Tie Racks, Belt Racks, everything in it own place!

Sliding racks, Valet Rods, Baskets for Laundry – everything you’ve dreamed of.

It is becoming more common as time passes, custom closet organizers are showing up in new homes as “standard features”. Becoming organized is now within the reach of anyone who truly wants to become organized and as each year passes it’s becoming more affordable! Look around there are ideas and products everywhere on the net!

Just type into a Google search “custom closet organizers” and the state you live in – and BAM – results and ideas right at your finger tips! There are some tools to design a closet online – or Many Closet Companies that will give you a FREE in-home design service – start getting ideas – and Get Organized!

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