Closet Organizers On A Budget

Typically, today’s closets consist of one rod and one shelf above the rod. Combine that with smaller closet sizes and you aren’t left with much room to store your clothes. A closet organizer not only helps you to keep your clothes in a neat manner, but they also increase the amount of storage space you’ll have. This is especially important when you have small closets.

Having closet organizers installed in all your rooms (or just the master closet) by a closet company is not within everyone’s budget unfortunately. There is good news, though. A well organized, efficient closet is possible by purchasing closet organizer kits. And, they are relatively inexpensive so it won’t cost a lot of money to have and install them.

Some more tips to help get your closet organized are as follows:

Multi-level Hangers

Common single bar hangers are OK for holding your pants or slacks, but try three- or five-tiered hangers for instant space. They keep your pants from wrinkling up and were designed to maximize your closet space.

Extra Hanging Rod

Hanging rods not only hang from existing rods, but they also don’t require any installation tools. And, the hanging space in your closet will multiply instantly.

Shoe Racks and Pockets

There are a lot of shoe rack options available to add to your closet. An inexpensive way to organize your shoes is to add a hanging pocket shoe organizer. These pocket organizers come with hooks on the top so all you need to do is hang them on one of your rods.

Make more room available in your closet, if possible, by taking out clothes that aren’t in season anymore or that you seldom use. Take them out to the storage shed in your backyard or store them in the garage in plastic storage bins.

With a little shopping, you will be able to find the right organizer and just the right amount of accessories to get your closet fully organized and not break the bank to do it.

Find out more how a closet organizer will help to almost double the size of any of your closets. ClosetOrganizerPros.com has tips and information on closet organization systems and related products.