Closet Organization & Storage Solutions

Storage solutions have always been a problem for me. I tried to organize my closets. I tried to keep my closets tidied but I generally failed as I simply had too much stuff.

I did not have to look to far for help. It seems that over night the closet organization industry has blossomed. I did not even know it was an industry until I started looking for help. These pro closet organizers come with a price tag so I decided to do some bargain basement research into my problem. I started to peer inquisitively into the closets of friends and strangers alike.

I am now among the converted and I am proud to say my closets are pretty well organized. I started down the path of closet organization by looking in other people’s closets. I started to notice that my most productive and time efficient friends had extraordinarily well organized closets. Was this just a con-incidence? It seemed that people who were organized with their time were also organized with their closets.

I started to copy my friends and oddly enough the most busy yet organized took time to coach me in their secrets. Together we tackled the front hall closet. I was prepared for hard work but I wasn’t prepared for the humiliation I felt after we pulled out the 7th unmatched glove. I was put in a chair with a glass of wine while my friends transformed my closet. Both of my friends brought some storage infrastructure (stacking shelves and clear plastic bins). When it was done the only thing I could slur was “What a difference”.

I then tackled other closets with gusto. I have found that I learn little helpful hints along the way which I can employ in all of my closets. I have become a storage solutions advocate. I have contributed articles to my local newspaper on the subject and I have read every article I can find on the subject. I really believe my life has become easier and nicer since I embraced closet organization.

The first step in organizing your closet is to be honest with yourself about what you really need and use. Once you have done this type of critical inventory make a bag of items to give to the charity shop. You do not need to hire a closet organizational consultant if it is not in your budget. After purging your closet, you can start with something small like temporary shelving and bins. Experiment a bit. There are decent and affordable storage solutions for every closet.

Read more about different closet organizing systems, including how to get an organized closet and make use of all the storage solutions ideas it contains.

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