Cohabitating With Your Guy

December 30, 2019 Off By Bob Proctor

Did you and your boyfriend decide that you are going to take your relationship to a higher level by living under one roof? Did you decide as to whose place you are going to live in? Is it going to be your place or his? The generation today has changed the concept of couples being in a relationship. Living in together used to be a taboo. Now, it is socially accepted.

Living under one roof together is a major decision. You have to think twice before doing it. A friend I know regretted the decision of moving in with her boyfriend the moment his boyfriend asked that question. She didn’t weigh things properly. To cut it short, their relationship didn’t work out because of so many conflicts that arose when they lived in together.

First and foremost, both of you have to decide as to which pad you are moving into. You must weigh your options well. Think which rent costs lesser and which one is more accessible to key areas of the city. Both of you must come up with a decision as to which place is nearer to both of your workplaces.

Finances can be an issue too. You’ll both be sharing the rent, electric and water bills. Both of you need to come to a decision that you are going to equally pay the bills. Remember to always set aside money every month for the necessary payments you are going to do. You wouldn’t want a brown out in your own place.

When it comes to the stuff you both have. Both of you should know how to compromise. If your partner decides to buy an arched mirror, he needs to accept that you are putting a glass photo frame inside the pad. You should come to an agreement before adding new things in to your new nest. You can mutually buy appliances and furniture so no arguments would arise.

You might be fed up with each other and to think you aren’t married yet. Here’s what you should do. You should be able to give him his own me-time and space. You can still allow him to have his Thursday poker night. He can still watch the most anticipated basketball game with his friends in your pad.

Lastly, you should be able to talk to him and listen to him while he’s talking. That is how you can have a good communications system. Don’t butt in when he talks. Let him express the things he is feeling. All you have to do is listen to what he says.

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