Creative Storage Solutions From Closet Organizers

October 8, 2020 Off By Crystal A Owens
by Crystal A Owens

It can be all too easy to just throw your belongings into the closet at the end of each day. The amount of reach-in closets that are carpeted with shoes is probably countless, and a constant problem is with having to press clothes again – having become wrinkled and misshapen after falling from their hanger. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. With closet organizers, a sense of calm and serenity can be easily achieved.

Closet organizers are carefully designed units which incorporate hanging rods, shelving systems and storage bins. Coming in many designs, styles and with different innovations, they really help compartmentalize the space. This not only allows you to find your belongings and store things more carefully, but to also create further space – which can only mean a shopping trip to fill it, of course!

Most home improvement stores stock a wide range of brilliant organizers, whether it is the lower end store’s own products, right up until designer names, using the latest and most expensive materials.

Whichever you select, it will most likely be a home assembly unit. There are preassembled versions available, but these can be more expensive, for a lesser product. They can also be less easy to fit than first thought, having to most likely be altered to fit the intended space.

Prices can start from just below $100, and go up from there. In store, home assembly products will generally not go much above $450, though some more bespoke designs are available from some retailers, so the budget could go considerably if a particular look is required.

Depending on the size of the product, the store may be able to home deliver it. However, do check this is available before ordering – they can come in very large and cumbersome packaging. If you are taking it home yourself, be sure to check the dimensions of your vehicle beforehand.

Assembling and installing the closet organizer should not be too difficult. You will be provided with all fittings within the product of course, and should not need anything more technical than a drill, step ladder and torch really. The staff in store should be able to guide you through which equipment you will exactly need. Alternatively, the store or a local handyman will be able to install if for you.

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