Custom Packaging Options For Consumers And Businesses

April 9, 2011 Off By Adriana Noton

Custom packaging plays a vital role in advertising and product sales, the flashier the container the more likely it will sell. Manufacturers are beginning to become more creative in the choices they offer and the graphics they can apply to the packages. The containers can be customized to meet any need that is presented and the end product is just short of amazing.

With all of the containers that available for purchase a few models stand out and include graphics containers, industrial containers, P-O-P display and corrugated containers. The models offer unique features and are constructed with high quality materials that are designed to provide durable products. The containers are built to house books, candy, razors and batteries to name a few items and can also be used to display new releases for books and movies.

The P-O-P models are built for display purposes to showcase new and old DVD movies, different toys and even candy of all kinds. These units are constructed with heavy duty cardboard materials that provide long lasting displays that can be used over and over if needed. The different models offered include pallet displays, floor displays, counter units, and standees.

A common P-O-P display is the pallet model which is designed to showcase items such as best selling cook books and fictional books. They are built with heavy duty cardboard and provide a central location for items that are being promoted. Floor displays are another model that allows for multiple items to be sold from one area and the unit itself can have custom graphics applied to help attract customers.

Counter models are used for pens and other small items and are placed near a checkout stand. This provides a last chance place for consumers to purchase items before leaving the store. Another type of container that is used to promote and sell smaller amounts of items in one location is a Standee. The Standee models are designed for items such as promoting video games and other media that do not require a lot of room.

Containers used to promote and package snack foods and other types of products which have customized pictures on the outside are called graphics containers. These models are generally used to house foods of all types, but are also found in music promotions and movie cases. With the abilities that manufacturers have today, the possibilities are endless for what graphics can be applied to these containers.

Customizable containers used to house perishable and breakable items are commonly referred to as corrugated containers. These units can be built to house specific items and are designed to provide maximum protection. In addition to the internal protection, the units offer the ability to apply graphics to the outside as well.

When heavy duty containers are needed to transport items such as automobile body parts and suspension parts an industrial unit is called upon. These models are designed to handle heavy loads and some of the models come equipped with internal support structures such as pallet systems. Other applications for this type of container include the housing and shipping of chemicals for industrial and residential use. There are many different options for custom packaging in the market today and finding the right one for the job just takes a little time and research.

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