Declutter fast today to Remove Strain From Your Life

January 4, 2020 Off By Ryan Spector

Everyone has to deal with stress on a daily level. Stress actually is a good thing when it is in low doses because it motivates us to take care of things.

But, too much stress can be a bad thing, with serious mental and physical health effects. One often-overlooked factor that affects stress in men and women’s lives is the amount of clutter in their life. Yes that is right, clutter, whether it be in the form of a cluttered house or a cluttered schedule, can and will increase the amount of stress in your life. Let us look at two big factors that contribute to the amount of stress you experience.

A messy home definitely can cause lots of stress. People are not naturally comfortable in a cluttered home, we prefer order and structure. Thing is though, many people just end up growing used to the clutter and the problems it causes each day.

It is difficult to locate what you’re looking for when you’re searching through a cluttered home. It also is much easier to lose things, and I think everyone can remember a time when they lost something important and the stress it caused. I personally have lost important things like my wallet and mp3 player when my home was a mess, and that certainly put a strain on me!

A second way that a cluttered home increases stress is from the amount of energy that is needlessly expended, not only physical, but mental as well, because of the clutter. When you are wasting time and effort looking for items throughout the day, your stress level may be increasing as well. You probably underestimate the amount of stress it can lead to, but it really adds up. Everything takes more effort in a cluttered home, whether you are cooking, hosting, or cleaning. If you can declutter fast in little chunks throughout the day or in big chunks every day or so, your home will become a much more efficient, happy and low-stress zone. You better believe it!

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