Define A Higher Power That Is Kind

August 6, 2019 Off By Dave Owen

When I first began going to 12 step meetings a little over 20+ years ago, I was told that I could redefine my God. I was told that I could make him anything that I wanted to.

This was a great thing to discover because at that time in my life, the God of my childhood was not nice at all.

I won’t say that I was taught about a punishing God. But, I will different from what I was taught.

A large part of this ‘education’ included things concerning self esteem and self confidence.

So, when I learned that my God could be redefined, it was a great relief. I was allowed to define my God as very Kind and that cared for me no matter what. I heard a person say that his God “knew what I was doing and loved me while I did it”.

I guess that a number of us have learned “to act as if God is watching, because he is”. And, if this was the case, I was in bad difficulty as the result of some of the acts I had performed while growing up.

Now that I did not have to be concerned about being cast into the “depths of Hell” for what I had done in my youth, I could start living a good life.

So, if you have a God that is not Non Judging, the best thing for you to do is to sit down and create a “designer God”.

I do not mean to be flippant about this but you need to have a God that is loving if you are going to live a comfortable life.

We don’t need to be “looking over our shoulder” to make sure that our “punishing God” is not breathing down our neck.

Life is too short to be endured running from a God of our parents. It is time to define a God for you that is caring and loving.

I have heard it stated that our only problem in life is our “sensed separation from God”. That separation is very easy to imagine if the God of your definition is punishing and mean.

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