Do It Your Self Sash Window Draught Proofing Methods Ideas

Sometimes heating costs can get out of hand in older homes. These are the homes that still have sash windows in which the seals have become hard and no longer effective. One can sit next to one of these windows and literally feel a breeze. By using do it your self sash window draught proofing it is easy to see results in the first month of utility bill.

In case sash windows are unfamiliar to some, they are wooden framed single or multi-paned windows. Each pane of glass is separated by strips of wood with putty around each pane. The putty tends to become hard and brittle causing it to allow breezes to emanate from the windows. This becomes very costly when the heating bill arrives.

It is not necessary to replace windows in a home with sash windows but some work is required. Remove the old putty around the glass panes. New putty can now be added to seal the pane of glass around the glass making it much more efficient.

Sometimes it may not be the panes of glass that are causing the problem but the framing itself. When wood gets cold it sometimes swells. Once the temperatures rise it retracts sometimes leaving gaps between the frame and the track.

Interior trim leakage can be easily fixed by attaching brush seals to each side of the window track. It requires trim around each window to be removed so that the track is easily accessible. Attach the seals at the top and at the bottom of each window track. The trim may be put back in place at this time to make the windows seal better.

While the trim is off, it is easy to create a new seal between it and the wall to help prevent it from leaking as well. There are multiple types of caulking that is available for home maintenance. A weatherizing or seal caulking should be placed on the back of each piece of trim before it is nailed back in place. If the trim has severe damage, replacing it is recommended.

In the event windows are still not energy efficient, a plastic shrink cover can be purchased to place over the windows. These come complete with the plastic, strips of thin cardboard and tacks to attach it to the trim. Once the plastic is securely in place, use a hair dryer to add heat and allow the plastic to shrink to the size needed for each window. There are several tips to do it your self sash window draught proofing that are very effective in reducing heating costs.

Does your windows have the best insulation? Well, if there not, you can get with the sash window company. You will find that the sash window draught proofing can really help keep the windows insulated and ready for any winter.