Do Prospective Employers Look Down on Online Bachelors Degrees?

by John B Maxted

One of the main reservations that students hold at the time they are commencing an online bachelors degree program is exactly how a future work place is going to see their diploma. Will a corporation have a negative view towards their online degree perceiving it as being of a lesser quality than a traditional bachelors degree?

The way that the majority of employers view online bachelor degrees has shifted over the last few years, generally for the better of those who are interested in taking up this form of education.

It was not long ago when employers viewed online bachelors degrees as being inferior. A reason for this was because it was a new concept. Another was that respected universities had not yet begun adopting their own online bachelor degree programs. Nevertheless, as time has passed, more well known universities have started providing online education programs and consequently more companies and employers have begun accepting these online degrees as worthwhile and equal to conventional degrees. This is helping to change how employers perceive online degrees.

Therefore online bachelors degree courses no longer have the inferior reputation they formerly had. Sure, there may still be a skeptic here or there, as there is with anything else. It’s for this reason its so important to take the time to point out the quality of the program and education in your resume. Be sure to list the full degree, the name of the college, and describe the subjects and major assignments you did during your pursuit of the diploma.

Be ready to discuss your experiences with an online degree program while interviewing. Talking about the reasons why you chose to pursue an online degree, how the lessons were conducted, how tough it was and so on will all go a long way to clearing any fears that even a very skeptical person could have.

It’s also vital to choose an accredited institution to pursue your education with, but that ought to go without saying and not be much of a problem with the ever expanding options prospective students have currently available to them.

Fortunately, the new trend is that a large number of employers now perceive online diplomas as in fact being more worthwhile than a conventional education. The first reason for it is because it demonstrates you hold a solid knowledge of new and emerging technologies. Webinars, video conferencing, online presentations and other tools have become more important to corporations, so the ability to draw attention to your familiarity and experience of these is essential. A student who has studied online will emerge from their program with much more hands on experience and know-how in these areas.

online diplomas demand a great deal of individual drive, commitment and all around effort. As each day passes, an increasing number of people are accepting this and viewing it as a strength. A student that can effectively lead themselves through an online course while at the same time managing all of the other tasks and responsibilities in their life such as their current employment, kids or both, will to manage any kind of task or duty at the workplace. It’s an additional area that the online student definitely has an advantage over the student who probably had an easier route.

Undoubtedly the way that online degrees are viewed today has shifted a great deal even from just a few years ago. Finished are the stigmas and skeptical employers, replaced by legitimate benefits and strengths. Just remember to give details of your degree and your program, as well as why you made the choices you did, to help satisfy the doubts and concerns of any future employer.

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