Does Your Office Need A 3 Drawer File Cabinet?

December 15, 2019 Off By Evan Miro

You might be faced with this question at work- would you prefer a 2 or 3 drawer file cabinet to organize your files? This does not have to confuse you as long as you have your priorities straight.

Perhaps you are thinking that you may not need either one. After all, with the onset of technology, people are now able to keep their files and documents in soft copies. With the use of the computer, printers, scanners, and other gadgets, it looks like the old-fashioned file cabinets have outlived their usefulness. Surprisingly, many offices, even corporations of the highest tier, continue to file their documents in those traditional drawer cabinets.

A reason why some people hesitate to use them is the space factor. These file cabinets are big, and you might have limited space in which to put them. There is also another consideration- filing and organizing documents in cabinets is physically taxing. It may eat up a lot of time and effort that you could be channeling into something else. Whereas if you store them in a computer instead, it would be much lighter and easier work.

This question can be answered by the organization itself. What is the culture and the system of the one you work for? If you are thinking of going for the computer option, you may run into a different set of problems. For instance, there may be a blackout, or a system crash. Unfortunately, this may coincide with an immediate need to access a file. A lot of things can go wrong, especially if you do not have a hard copy handy in a file cabinet. It could take some time to get the system up and running again, and it would not even be a certainty that the document could ever be retrieved again!

If you have decided to go into the conservative way of using filing cabinets to keep your records, then, choosing the different filing cabinets would not be a problem. All you need to determine is what kind of documents you will be filing. Also consider the bulk of the documents you want to file.

Choose the 3 drawer file cabinet if you are dealing with a heavy amount of documents. This is because this type is the most space-efficient, and can store a great deal of documents. If you have a space problem in your office, go for the vertical 3 drawer cabinet. There are 3 drawers on top of each other, and yet they take up just as much space as a 2 drawer file cabinet.

There are also different types or make of filing cabinets. There are the wooden cabinets and the aluminum ones. If you are thinking of putting up an office in your house, a wooden type cabinet is the best choice. It can add up to the design of a homey effect in your house. You can even match the color of the wood to the color of your other furniture. If you are putting the filing cabinets in the office, the best one would be the aluminum filing cabinets. It is made of stainless steel and therefore, its durability is assured. Considering that you have to keep on opening the drawers to retrieve files, and closing them, then, the cabinets have to be sturdy. If you opt for wooden cabinets and you keep on opening them, chances are they would easily get destroyed. Furthermore, steel cabinets are lighter to open compared to wooden cabinets.

If you are looking for the most ideal place to store a large bulk of office documents, go for the 3 drawer filing cabinet. It can organize your documents while maximizing your available space.

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