Do’s and Don’ts When Writing a Resume Cover Letter

June 15, 2020 Off By Joshua Workman
by Joshua Workman

Employers are always in the lookout for potential employees that will share their best skills and effort for the growth of the company. With this in mind, they are constantly in need of job applicants that can be their prospective talents in the business as it flourishes. You might have the greatest confidence that you can fit it the position, but the question lies on how you can show your future boss that you are the best person for the job without even knowing him personally? This is the reason why when looking for a job; resume cover letter is initially submitted before submitting yourself for an interview. You have to go with the flow and that is the usual practice, applicants send their job resumes for the purpose of evaluation.

Nobody can deny the fact that resume is the most important tool when it comes to preliminary phase of job application. However, this can be augmented by attaching a resume cover letter. This will act as the introductory part of the resume; giving hints backed up by the objective statement outlined in the resume proper.

It might not be the main intention but some sample cover letters often contain erroneous entries that minimizes the quality of the written product. Try to create an error-free cover letter example by taking care of the following details:

Never forget to indicate the name of the employer or the head of the personnel department in the salutation of your cover letter. If you are unable to get them for possible inquiries, make it a point to show some respect by using Sir or Madam instead of the lowly “To whom it may concern.”

Make it a point to entice the attention of the employer to continue reading the entire content of the cover letter. You can do this by starting out an interesting outline in the first paragraph at once.

Do mention your achievements in a clear yet concise manner. Specify your skills and refer to your resume that must be enclosed in your job resume cover letter.

Do sign your cover letter.

Keep in mind not to indicate or give the slightest hint about salary expectations. Discussion about this will come later on.

When stating your skills and determination, make sure that you don’t sound overconfident. The boss might consider you as a boastful candidate if you overdo it.

Don’t forget to include a line asking for an interview. This is to let the employers know that you are really interested for the position and not merely trying your luck if you will make it to the interview.

Be effective in selling your skills to the employer by making sure that all the contents of the job resume cover letter appears on the resume itself. This is to enhance the contents as real facts and not mere come-ons only.

Get yourself noticed from among the long list of candidates aiming to get the position. You can achieve this if you will create a powerful and interesting cover letter enough to convince the employer that you are deserving of getting a slot in the list of individuals to be interviewed and hopefully end up in getting the job.

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