Dream Of Being Chased

October 21, 2019 Off By Kiku Yamada

Being chased in a dream is a very frequent dream theme and is often the result of past experiences, memories or one of the numerous and varied responsibilities we face in our everyday lives.

One can compare being chased in a dream to the feelings we experience from being pressured and followed around by a nagging voice forever reminding us of what has to be taken care of in our daily routines. Being chased results from the overwhelming responsibility of maintaining a marriage, relationships, career, workplace, work flow, family, and our financial responsibilities.

Let’s reflect on our everyday stress, guilt, new changes and old memories that haunt us. The factors mentioned above only serve to compound the list if there are health problems, fear, anxiety and depression which quickly generate a driving force resulting in dreams of being chased.

Examples Of The Major Causes Of Dreams Of Being Chased–Although the list is extensive, the major causes for dreaming about being chased seem to be as a result of bad memories, unpleasant experiences, troubled marriages, relationships, undesirable working environments, unreasonable employers, financial problems, health problems, fear, anxiety and depression.

Although these are among the foremost causes of dreams of being chased, in dreams to be chased by a mob, groups, seen and unseen enemies, strangers, beasts or acts of nature also rank high in chase dreams.

Yet, knowing all the reasons that cause us to experience dreams of being chased, it is rare when a dream reveals to the dreamer the root cause of their particular chase dream experiences. This is because for the most part we dream in events, occurrences, signs, symbols and illusions. And because of this, the true reason for the dream is hidden and camouflaged in the dream itself.

To better understand and gain insight into your chase dreams, you must first understand how your emotions fit into and play out in the dream with the emotions you felt when you woke up out of the dream. By understanding your feelings during the dream, you will more easily be able to fit the dream puzzle with the real cause of the dream.

This may partially be accomplished by learning how to recognize the clues: personality traits, action(s) in the dream by the dreamer and against the dreamer. In regards to emotional colors: what is spoken, read, what is depicted in body language and facial expressions all add to enhancing a more meaningful interpretation of your dream and what the dream message has for your life.

More Causes Of Dreams Of Being ChasedDreams of being chased by a person or unseen entity represents a personal attack against you or another because of jealousy, envy and a hidden agenda. Being chased by a person or unseen entity also represents you are being used for financial gain, lied to, influenced by an illusion, deception and the truth is being camouflaged masked in truth mixed with lies. This also represents an attack against you personally by excluding you from groups to take you out of the loop of information you may need to fulfill a goal or project in your personal life and at the workplace.

Dreams of being chased by a whirlwind represents a demonic attack through another or others that is spinning out of control. This kind of attack will leave the dreamer filled with anxiety, fear, thoughts of ruin and major depression.

The focus of this kind of demonic attack by others is to put the dreamer through a physical, emotional and psychological roller coaster in their lifestyles, personal identity, self esteem leaving them with financial stress, denial, pain, money problems, emotional trauma, separation, deep depression, panic, grief, sorrow and great disappointments.

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