Elements in Good Closet Design

Whether you have an older house or apartment that you are trying to upgrade, or you are designing and building a new home from scratch, making sure your closets are as effective as they can be includes the use of closet organizers. There are a couple of ways to go when it comes to installing closet organizers, whether your house is already built or not: 1) have your builder or a closet design company take care of upgrading your closets with closet organizers, or 2) find and install closet organizers yourself. There is a big price difference between both of these options.

Although, the convenience of rolling the cost of the upgrade into your mortgage is tempting it is inadvisable. It is best to put a few hundred dollars aside and commit to buying closet organizers after you take possession of your new home. The cost of buying the closet organization systems yourself will likely save you at least 50% of the cost.

People often ask “what elements should I look for in a closet organizer design system?” This question has a number of different and equally good answers. To answer this question you must consider a number of different factors. What is the size of the closet? Try to get an organizer that fits the entire space of the closet. Sometimes closet organizer systems come in modules that can be added together to fit various sizes.

Another factor you will want to think about before shopping is the type of items that you will be storing in the closet. Clothes closets of course do well with a system of adjustable hanging bars, adjustable shelves, and perhaps the option to add on a few wire basket drawers. If you are outfitting a pantry closet, then consider a lazy susan along with a number of shallow shelves around the perimeter of the pantry. Lower shelves should be made sturdier and larger for storing things like cases of soda or packs of paper towels.

Your closet organization system should include shelves of different heights and even different depths, some drawers, and some low level shoe racks. Include a hanging bar if necessary. Try to find an organizer that fits the entire closet. And most importantly, find a closet organizer that matches the items you want to store. Many people make the mistake of buying an organizer and then trying to fit in their belongings. Analyze your belongings first then buy a good quality closet organizer.

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