End Closet Storage Nightmares

January 12, 2021 Off By Dylan Brodderick
by Jane A Moore

Storage solutions have always been a problem for me. I tried to organize my closets. I tried to keep my closets tidied but I generally failed as I simply had too much stuff.

Times have changed and I have to admit that closet organization has become a fairly substantial industry. There are closet organization consultants and there are closet organization companies. If you Google the term hundreds and hundreds of web sites show up claiming that they can quickly help you redesign your closet organizational system.

I also have to admit I am among the converted. I first started to notice my sister-in-law’s closets. She is a wonderful yet manic type a personality that holds down a senior level financial job with 3 children and a need to run for at least one hour per day. After years of marveling at what she can accomplish, I started to notice a pattern. She is very organized. Her closets were also very organized.

After stumbling across my sister-in-law’s secret, I started to copy some of her ideas. I first got to work on my front hall cupboard which is the closet I need to access the most. I initially got some plastic shelving and some clear Rubbermaid bins. This initial step was very simple and cheap but enormously helpful. All gloves, mitts, toques, and hats, and scarves went into one bin. All slippers went into another bin. Just with the use of two bins, the house and closet felt less cluttered.

Fortified by my first closet organizing experience I made a list of the other closets in my home and ranked them in order of their disorder. In turn, I tackled each closet and made at least marginal improvements. Along the way I have found a hobby. I really like to read and write about storage solution tricks.

The most important storage solution tip is to reduce your belongings. Even the best designed closets can be over burdened. Be honest with yourself about what you really make use of. A sincere closet purge feels great. And although difficult, own the fact that the sage colored calf skin glove you lost last winter is never coming home. You do not need to hire a consultant. Just ask your most organized friends to help. Once you have conquered the basics of storage solutions the rest is a piece of cake.

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