How to Create a Great Study Area

September 23, 2019 Off By Ruth Williams

Your college years are more than a time to learn from books, they’re also a time to learn good habits. One great habit to get into now is to learn how to set up a study area so that it works for you. Setting up a regular routine and staying focused can help you be more productive as you work on school projects.

1. Designate one section of your room to be used just for school assignments. If you do your homework at the library, try to make it a policy only to carry with you the books and materials you’ll need to get the job done. Having piles of unrelated papers and books can only cause you to become distracted.

2. Good lighting is key as you work on your assignments. If possible, sit directly under the light to make sure you can see your work’s text clearly and so that you put no undue strain on your eyes. Reading in insufficient light can cause your vision to worsen.

3. Find a quiet area in which to work. If you’re at home, turn off the television, the cell phone, and, if you’re using your laptop to study, take a break from checking your emails. Dedicate this time completely to your studies.

4. For those who study in a library, it makes sense to arrive at the same time and on the same day in order to stake a claim to your desired study spot. It’s good to establish such a routine so that you can get set up more quickly and get right to work. Otherwise, you’ll spend time looking for a new area in which to work each week.

5. Cut to the chase once you arrive at your study area. If you’re here to study, re-focus your mind so that all you’re thinking about is the assignment at hand. Try to condition your brain not to daydream or check out cute co-eds that might happen by.

Taking these simple steps can help you establish excellent study habits now and throughout life. Once you graduate and find a job, you’ll still need to know how to think critically and absorb concepts. Starting now by creating an effective study space will give you an advantage wherever you go.  

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