Essential Things To do 6 Weeks before Moving day

September 8, 2020 0 By Marrie
by Marrie

Whether you just learned you would be relocated with your job or youve decided that a change is in order, moving can be both thrilling and extremely stressful. While most everyone is blessed with enough common sense to know not to pack their delicate china in the same box as parts from their home gym, knowing what to do and when to do it is not always blindingly obvious.

Probably the most difficult job to do six week before you move is to decide if you should let professional movers pack and move you or if you should do the move yourself, what you should leave at your present house and what you might have to dump.

Decide If you Should Do It Yourself

The answer to the first question is directly related to the scope of the move you are about to undertake. If you are moving across state lines and have a large household to move, then hiring a team of professionals ensures that your items will more than likely arrive in the same condition they left. Using professional movers will also leave you with time to deal with all of the remaining arrangements that come with such a large undertaking. If you have not acquired massive amounts of furniture and other heavy items, then doing it yourself saves you money and avoids having yet another set of people to deal with.

Choosing What To Take With You

When it comes to what to take and not take, that decision is of a much more personal nature. Do you really want to pay to take an item that is on its last legs cross country? Will it take up space that could have been used for something else? Is it something that you prayed would run out of batteries and might be ok to have lost while moving? If so, then donating these items to a charity or including them in a yard sale may be the way to go.

Time To Start Packing

Now that you have decided on who is doing the moving and packing, and what you will be taking with you to your new home, its time to look at other key points. If you are moving through your work, then find out if they have a specific movers that will take care of the moving and pack, so that you can contact them to start the ball rolling. At this stage you might also want to start ordering moving boxes,tape,bubble wrap etc.

While many people run to their local liquor and grocery stores for boxes, you may also consider purchasing some sturdier boxes through a moving or packaging company for irreplaceable delicate items. Packing tape can be used to reinforce the bottoms of boxes. Newspaper, bubble wrap, and extra towels and linens can be used as padding. Having a permanent marker and some labels will allow smear proof directions for your contents.

Preparing For Your Move

Now is the best time to start booking flights, hotels and car rental etc. Its also a good idea to check with your local authorities in your new area for information about schools and other areas of interest.

With a bit of careful thought and planning at this stage, your move can be a pleasant experience instead of one full of stress and headache.

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