Five Methods To Maintain Strong Communication With Your Grandchildren

Five Methods To Maintain Strong Communication With Your Grandchildren

November 2, 2020 Off By Mirriam Hawks

Grandparents can keep in touch with their school age grandchild in so many ways.

1) Since your child is busy working and establishing their own life, you can always offer to take care of their children after school. Definitely, your offer will be appreciated by your child and your grandchild will be happy that you are willing to help them with their school work. You can also prepare snacks for them.

2) You can send a letter or a card to your grandchild to let them know how much you miss and think of them.

3. Your child can be forgetful especially if they are busy at work, be the one to remind them to notify if you your grandchild has activities in school or any sporting event that you can attend. It would be fun and would make you really proud watching your grandchild perform.

4. You can also call your grandchild once a week since you cannot visit often. You can either call or text once in awhile. However, if your grandchildren are older like pre-teens and teenagers, do not do it too often as they have the tendency to misunderstand that you are interfering in their lives. Call just to say hello; this way they know that you care for them very much.

5. You can also ask your child to hook up a webcam to their computer so it will allow you to video chat as often as you want. Although it is still best to keep it short and brief, the most important thing is that you get to see and talk to them.

Communicating is not difficult with all the modern technology and it is important that you allow the lines open for you and your grandchild. You play an important role in their lives since you are the link to their past and their parents’ past.

It is everyone’s desire to be able to communicate with their grandchildren. Hopefully, these tips are helpful.

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