Get Your Wooden Shed Organized

September 10, 2019 Off By Timothy Corcoran

A while back, I was on a quest to find a certain rake for my garden. I knew where my journey would lead and that was – the wooden shed out back. It soon dawned on me that it was time to reorganize all the stuff that had been slowly stacking up over the past year or so.

I started off on my adventure by getting up way early to allow myself plenty of daylight to unload it all, organize it all, and put it all back inside in a usable manner. I knew that if I wanted to do it all in one day, then I would have to wake up pretty early. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time if you’re doing the same with your own wooden shed.

The actual fun begins by waking up extra early and that’s when I started to pull out everything. And, when I say everything, I really mean everything. Even the old shelves were taken out since they weren’t put in very well to begin with. Planning ahead, I already purchased a couple of cabinets and pegboards to hang up.

Its now easier to sort through all the items I didn’t need anymore once I had them all taken out. I soon realized just how much that was. What was left over, I put into piles of similar kind, woodworking tools in one pile, gardening tools in another, etc.

By putting all of your small things into containers, you can find them much easier when you go to look for them. Be sure to label the outside of them on both the top and at least one side.

Now I made sure to clean up thoroughly before putting everything back in the wooden shed. I then hung up some new shelves, cabinets and even the pegboard to hang my tools on.

Now I’m ready to put what’s left back inside. Put items that you don’t use that much (such as seasonal items) up higher and more out of the way. You can even put them in the rafters if your shed has them.

Make it easier on yourself by putting your piles of like items back into the shed in similar groups. For example, all of your landscaping tools would go back in so they are in the same general area, all the gardening tools would be in their own area, and so on.

My wooden shed was now cleaner and so much more organized and I didn’t take long at all. Now comes the biggest challenge – keeping it that way.

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