Getting Organized Is Not About Being Tidy

November 26, 2019 Off By Brian Layne

Getting organized is impossible. Face it. There will always be opportunity to better organize the things around you. We live in a modern hectic fast paced world that never slows down. There are just too many challenges and opportunities around you to let you really get organized. But it doesn’t matter.

You don’t really want to get organized anyway. That’s not the real goal is it? The goal is to get things done and enjoy the process. The key to getting things done is actually not to focus on getting organized at all.

So the big distinction to grasp is the difference between getting organized and being efficient. Organization means being orderly. Where everything has a place. But being efficient is different. Efficiency means getting rid of waste so that you can get things done the right way – and quickly. Despite things being orderly or not. With efficiency, you quickly see and do the one best way to get something done. Even if your desk is a mess.

Think about it… Why should we go to any extra effort to accomplish something when there is an easier way? Here are some notes from my personal diary about efficiency:

A. Put in enough effort to achieve what matters – but don’t waste time or energy. B. Organize things in your life that are important to your enjoyment. C. Don’t stress over the small things and know how to discern big things from small things. D. Get things organized enough so that you can find whatever you need when you need it but don’t over organize.

You can be efficient. And you can’t ever get truly organized. You can achieve success in any area through being efficient. So stop trying to get organized.

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